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Product Lab
Using Justworks to Access Mental Health Services | Justworks
POSTED ON May 4 IN Product Lab
Did you know you can utilize Justworks to access mental health providers and services? In this post, we break down how benefits-eligible customers can do just that.
The Founder’s Guide to Office Space
Thinking about moving your remote business to an office location? Get the skinny on office space options and what you need to know before making a move.
Navigating In-person Retreats for Remote Teams
For remote employees, work retreats can provide valuable face time with colleagues. Learn how to make the most out of team-building events for remote teams.
How to Support Those with Mental Health Struggles
Mental health conditions affect millions of people in the U.S. every year. But what if a friend or coworker is one of those millions? We provide some insight in this blog.
Building a Workplace Culture that Supports Positive Mental Health
Learn what small business founders can do to create an inclusive culture that supports and cultivates positive mental health practices.
Managing Your Team
Working Remotely: How to Increase Productivity Outside the Office
POSTED ON April 28 IN Managing Your Team
The ability to work remotely expanded exponentially through 2020 and beyond. With remote work and hybrid teams here to stay, try these top productivity tips.
Managing Your Team
The Manager's Guide to Leading Through Seasonal Stressors
POSTED ON April 28 IN Managing Your Team
The winter season can be particularly stressful for managers and employees alike. Discover how managers can support employees and take care of themselves.
When is a Hobby Considered a Business?
POSTED ON April 28
Is your hobby considered a business? We’ve mapped out how to tell, and what steps you need to take if your hobby is determined to be a business by the IRS.
How to Choose the Best Bank for Your Small Business
POSTED ON April 26
Choosing a bank for your organization is a critical decision that requires diligence and research. Here’s what you’ll want to know.