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Sasha is a content producer at Justworks.

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Benefits and Perks
For Help Navigating Health Insurance Renewals, Get This Guide
POSTED ON August 1 IN Benefits and Perks
Health insurance renewals aren’t as scary as you may think, especially when you have the right tools. Learn more with our free guide to the renewals process.
Benefits and Perks
What is an EAP? How You Can Improve Employee Mental Health at Work
POSTED ON July 6 IN Benefits and Perks
Approximately one in five American adults experiences mental illness. An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, can help.
Managing Your Team
So You Want to Pay Your Interns: A Guide to Paid Internships
POSTED ON June 2 IN Managing Your Team
Are paid interns considered employees? How much should an internship pay? Figuring it out can be tricky, read Justworks' guide on paying interns for more.
Keeping Compliant
Can I Leave Work to Vote? Check Your State's Voting Laws First
POSTED ON October 5 IN Keeping Compliant
Do you know what rights you have when it comes to taking time off work to vote? Employers and employees alike should know their state and local voting leave laws.
Running a Business 101
The MWBE Certificate: An Intro to the What, Why, and How
POSTED ON July 24 IN Running a Business 101
State programs exist to help minority- and women-owned businesses compete against others in their industry. Read about the benefits of the MWBE certification process.
Benefits and Perks
What Mental Health Benefits Should You Offer Your Employees?
POSTED ON May 6 IN Benefits and Perks
Advocating for better mental health at work often starts by offering the right benefits to employees. In this post, explore some popular options.
Managing Your Team
Ways to Improve Your Mental Health on Your Lunch Break
POSTED ON April 30 IN Managing Your Team
Stress is a part of work life, especially with the transition to working remotely. Learn some new ways of using your lunch break to improve your mental health.
Managing Your Team
Supporting Remote Employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Amid COVID-19
POSTED ON March 18 IN Managing Your Team
When managing remote teams amid COVID-19, it’s important to consider the impacts of isolation. How can you best support the mental health of your remote teams?
Managing Your Team
Burnout: Where Nonprofits are Leading the Charge
POSTED ON August 9 IN Managing Your Team
Nonprofits have been leading the way in addressing employee burnout. Discover three lessons on mental wellbeing from nonprofits that businesses of all kinds can use.