Sasha Butkovich

Sasha is a content producer at Justworks.

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Managing Your Team
Should You Offer Summer Fridays to Your Employees?
POSTED ON May 9 IN Managing Your Team
Summer Fridays are a popular employee perk for companies of all sizes. Read more to determine if they're the right thing for your company.
Keeping Compliant
What Employers Need to Know: NYC’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Legislation
POSTED ON May 2 IN Keeping Compliant
Legislation passed in New York City, aimed at preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Here’s what employers need to know to take action to ensure compliance.
Running a Business 101
Ready to Choose a PEO? Ask These Questions
POSTED ON April 20 IN Running a Business 101
When small businesses want an HR solution to help manage payroll, compliance, and HR, a PEO can be a great option. How do you choose the best one for your business?
Justworks Love
Men Join the Justwomen Dialogue to Help Foster Inclusion
POSTED ON April 5 IN Justworks Love
Having a panel made up of both men and women at the Justwomen event was a bold update. Discover key takeaways from the event.
Managing Your Team
Managers, Check Out This Performance Improvement Plan Template
POSTED ON April 3 IN Managing Your Team
When an employee isn’t meeting their performance metrics, managers need to take action. A great first step is implementing a performance improvement plan. Take a look at these tips, and download a free template.
Managing Your Team
How CEOs Can Use Therapy and Coaching to Help Their Teams Thrive
POSTED ON February 15 IN Managing Your Team
A CEO has the opportunity to impact everyone in their organization. What benefit might executive coaching have for their team? Read on to find out.
Keeping Compliant
How the New Tax Law May Impact Your Small Business
POSTED ON January 24 IN Keeping Compliant
The recent passage of H.R. 1 (formerly known as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”) made changes to the tax code, many of which may affect your business.
Product Lab
Design at Justworks: Showcasing our Values in our Product
POSTED ON January 18 IN Product Lab
Our core values inform everything we do — from the biggest company decisions, all the way down to the smallest icons...
Managing Your Team
The Bottom Line: Employee Happiness is Good for Business
POSTED ON December 12 IN Managing Your Team
For employers, creating a work culture that fosters employee happiness can have real, measurable impact on your business and your bottom line.