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Simplify time tracking with Justworks Hours

Justworks Hours makes manual timecard entry a thing of the past by automatically syncing time and attendance with payroll.

Nicole de la Rosa
Aug 18, 20214 minutes
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At Justworks, we know that each business has unique needs, but one goal remains the same — keep payroll simple.

If you have non-exempt employees, a time and attendance solution can streamline major payroll requirements. As your team grows, it’ll be important to automate complex break time and pay requirements, and enable your employees to clock in and out to capture the precise amount of time worked. Automating these processes as early as possible, before timecards become a headache, can save you hours of work in the future.

Get Justworks Hours for automated, seamless time tracking

Make timekeeping effortless for you and your team with the time tracking tool anyone can use.

But to really maximize the benefit of a time and attendance solution, it should be integrated with your payroll provider so that you avoid having to manually transfer information between two places. Because who wants to manage yet another external provider?

Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) is a time and attendance solution that is seamlessly integrated with payroll in Justworks. There are optional features to customize Justworks Hours for each team, and you can have peace of mind knowing that time tracking and payroll are managed from one place.

Here’s how Justworks Hours can save you hours of work each month:

Enable your team to clock in from wherever, whenever

Whether your team is located in one coworking space or spread remotely throughout the country, Justworks Hours gives you the flexibility to determine where and how your employees clock in and out. Customers can choose to use the optional geo-fencing feature if there is a required location for clocking in, and employees can use the Justworks Hours mobile app, a computer, or Slack to start and end their work shifts. All of these preferences are set by the Admin to ensure Justworks Hours works how you want it to.

If you have Contractors on the team, they can also use time tracking through Justworks Hours.

You can spend less time chasing your team every week to fill out their timecards, now that they’ll have everything they need at their fingertips.

Eliminate manual work through a seamless integration

If you’re managing time and attendance in one place and payroll in another, you might be spending too much time transferring information between the two platforms. This process is prone to error and can add up over time!

Since Justworks Hours is integrated with payroll in Justworks, any approved work shifts will automatically sync so that you no longer have to reconcile information in two places.

If you really want to take a hands-off approach with approving shifts, you can even turn on the “auto-approval” setting in Justworks Hours so that all completed work shifts are automatically approved. If you have team members that forget to clock out, there’s an optional setting you can turn on to automatically clock them out of a shift after a certain number of hours.

Automate state requirements for overtime and break time

If you’re hiring an employee in a new state for your business, you might encounter some pay or break time requirements that you’re unfamiliar with. For example, California has very specific laws on overtime, meal time, and break time for non-exempt employees. Staying on top of these laws is important to ensure your employees are paid accurately, but it can take up a lot of your time if administered manually every pay period.

With Justworks Hours, it’s easy to set up custom overtime rules to pay employees based on state laws or your own company policies. You can set up different policies per office, and those overtime hours will automatically sync to Justworks. Admins can also keep an eye on overtime costs across the team with Overtime Watch.

Admins can also create paid or unpaid breaks to align with state requirements or company policy. To help your team stay on track with break times, alerts can be set up to notify the employee when break time is both approaching and ending. The duration of each break can be customized to fit the needs of your workforce.

Onboard new hires in minutes

We know there’s a checklist of items you have to cover when a new hire joins the team. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for employees to start using Justworks Hours. We’ll automatically create a new Justworks Hours profile for new hires and assign their Manager, based on the information that’s already in their Justworks profiles. Plus, they can use their same Justworks login information to access Justworks Hours — no new username or password required!

Once you invite your employee to Justworks Hours, they’ll receive a text to download the app and they can get started tracking their time immediately.

Make time tracking easier

Ready for an integrated and more efficient way to track time, while preserving a great employee experience?

Schedule a demo to see how you can streamline time tracking through Justworks Hours or contact [email protected]