Justworks x Clarus R+D

Extend Your Runway with R&D Tax Credits

Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022  |  2:00pm EST  |  online
Clarus R+D x Justworks

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About the Event

There has never been a better time to claim the R&D tax credit than right now, especially for growing businesses. This lucrative tax benefit can help extend your runway even if your company is pre-revenue or has net operating losses. In this webinar, Clarus R+D and Justworks will guide you through understanding what activities qualify for the R&D tax credit and how to file for a payroll tax credit with Justworks. Don't miss your chance to get this valuable information before you file your 2021 tax returns!

What will be covered:

  • Does your company qualify for the R&D tax credit?
  • How much can you claim?
  • What documentation does the IRS require?
  • How do you claim an R&D payroll tax credit with Justworks?


Jeff Haskett photo
Jeff Haskett
CEO at Clarus R+D

Jeff Haskett co-founded Clarus R+D and serves as CEO. He has a passion for helping young companies and driving innovation and sees Clarus as the perfect opportunity to do both. Jeff has a deep background in management consulting, product development, strategy, and early-stage ventures. His experience spans numerous industries including software, financial services, and energy. He has a BA in Economics and Accounting from The Ohio State University.

Monika Diehl photo
Monika Diehl
VP of Operations at Clarus R+D

Monika Diehl serves as the VP of Operations for Clarus R+D. She is a CPA and holds a Master of Taxation from Capital University Law School. Monika has extensive business tax experience and worked in internal audit earlier in her career. She is excited about helping businesses use their investment in innovation to reduce the amount of tax they pay. Monika has a BS in Accounting from The Ohio State University.

Matthew Oberting photo
Matthew Oberting
Director of Payroll Tax, Justworks

Matthew has over 20 years of payroll and payroll tax compliance experience, with 8 years in the PEO industry. He has a BBA in Accounting and Communications from Eastern Michigan University and holds both a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) and Canadian Payroll designation from the American Payroll Association (APA).

Maria Tarmoun photo
Maria Tarmoun
Senior Manager, Justworks

Maria spent over 10 years working with private companies at a Big 4 Accounting firm and is passionate about helping SMBs gain access to the same knowledge and resources that large companies have. Maria holds a Master of Accounting from University of Hawaii and a Master of Taxation from NYU School of Law.