Realizing our Potential Through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

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Foreword by the President & CEO

Justworks exists to help people realize their potential. This is our shared purpose. A big part of what makes this possible is the extraordinary engagement we have within our company and we are proud of the company that Justworks has become. Today, we employ over a thousand people who are deeply invested in our mission. Together, we have built a workplace where kind, smart, creative, and hard-working people can learn, have fun, and be their best selves.

Having a diverse workforce has been a core part of this work since Isaac Oates started the company 10 years ago. We determined that Justworks should be inspired by New York City, the community where we are headquartered and where many of our employees live and work. A workforce that is strengthened by engaging people with diverse experiences and identities to share their viewpoints and perspectives.

I believe transparency is essential to living up to our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and to moving forward with intention.

Mike Seckler, Justworks President and CEO

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Today, with over 1,100 employees, we advance our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) with Board- and executive-level sponsorship and a comprehensive approach that touches everything we do. Our DEIB mission is to help every Justworker grow with confidence and realize their full potential.

We stepped into 2022 as a foundational year that will set us up to make major strides towards building a more formal internal structure to launch and maintain new DEIB programs and initiatives, advance our work by measuring and identifying visible pockets of progress to amplify and build on, and achieve visible and tangible results.

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Our Numbers

Data is a crucial piece of our story and commitment to DEIB. The data shared in this inaugural report is intended to set a baseline.

we recognize that there are many possible approaches to how we could categorize the racial, ethnic, and gender identities that are representative of Justworks. To establish a baseline in this report, we have used six categories for race and ethnicity (American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/LatinX, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, White, and Two or More Races) and three categories for gender identity (male, female, and non-binary). Again, in subsequent reports, we are committed to evolving our data collection practices while keeping inclusion at the forefront.

In addition to providing a picture of the diverse makeup of our overall workforce at Justworks, this report includes diversity data for our workforce broken up into three business segments: Business, Engineering & Technology, and Industry Specialists.

  • Business: Includes Justworks employees who work in departments that serve the company as a whole, such as the Finance, People, Marketing, Business Operations, and Legal teams.

  • Engineering & Technology: Includes Justworks employees in our Product, Engineering, Design, Program Management, IT Operations, and Security departments who focus on building customer-facing platforms and supporting our internal systems.

  • Industry Specialists: Includes Justworks employees who are specialists in the PEO industry, including teams like Risk & Insurance and our Payments & Tax Unit.

Finally, this report also includes diversity data for our workforce broken up into three role categories: Individual Contributors, Managers & Senior Managers, and Directors & Above.

Gender Representation

Women are well represented in our overall workforce comprising more than half (51.3%) of our total employees, which is better than the high tech sector average, which the EEOC reports as 36.7% women.

2022 DEIB Report - Overall Gender Representation Chart

We recognize that lower representation of women in engineering and technology roles is not unique to Justworks, but we will seek to find ways to hire more women into our Engineering & Technology business segment.

2022 DEIB Report - Gender by Business Segment Chart

At every role level, women make up more than 50% of employees. While we are proud of the strong representation of women at each of these levels, we recognize that there is still opportunity to strengthen that representation at the very top of the company leadership amongst our Vice President and Senior Vice President ranks.

2022 DEIB Report - Gender by Role Chart
2022 DEIB Report - Cass Ernst-Faletto Quote

Race & Ethnicity Representation

Nearly half of our employees (48.2%) are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Asian employees represent the largest share of BIPOC employees at 16.1% of our total workforce, Blacks/African Americans represent 14.2% of our workforce and Hispanic/LatinX 13.3%

2022 DEIB Report - Overall Race & Ethnicity Chart

We will continue to focus on and invest in attracting BIPOC employees, particularly in Technology and Engineering.

2022 DEIB Report - Race & Ethnicity by Business Segment Chart

We will also continue to seek out opportunities to hire and promote BIPOC talent into roles at the Managers & Senior Managers and Director and Above levels.

2022 DEIB Report - Race & Ethnicity by Role Chart

Board Oversight of DEIB

Our Board is composed of eight directors, including our Founder and Executive Chair, our CEO, and six additional non-employee directors. The gender and race and ethnicity demographics of our Board are illustrated below.

2022 DEIB Report - Gender Representation Chart
2022 DEIB Report - Board Race & Ethnic Representation Chart

The Board will continue to consider diversity as an important factor when expanding or filling vacancies.

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Journey

In remaining true to one of our values, openness, we share our positive and ongoing journey.

Every action we take counts. Incremental changes over a sustained period of time amount to larger shifts in the long run. We aim to strike a balance between celebrating our initiatives, commitments, and the actions we’ve taken with a sense of humility and determination to continue to progress.

2022 DEIB Report - DEIB Timeline

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as Culture Carriers

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Justworks are an integral component of our commitment to drive change in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. They play a major role in supporting our overall DEIB strategy by providing opportunities to help build awareness and understanding, strengthen belonging, increase business acumen, and demonstrate our commitment to the community in which we live and work through a range of activities, events, and partnerships.

In 2022, our ERGs continued to build a culture of inclusion and belonging at Justworks, they celebrated affinity months, held workshops and sessions to promote learning and understanding, and provided Justworkers with tools to practice and promote awareness and inclusion. ERGs also focus on building community and a safe space for their members. Their amazing work guides Justworkers in becoming part of a collective effort to promote DEIB in the organization.

Our ERGs

2022 DEIB Report - ERG Logos
2022 DEIB Report - Anonymous Quote

Our Continued Work

Looking ahead, we will continue to work towards achieving greater diversity and increased inclusion for all employees. To support our vision, we’ve developed a multi-year DEIB strategy that includes priorities and accountability measures. We will focus on launching innovative new programming for our workforce, improving our data collection and analytics to support visible and tangible advancement, and striving to set the standard amongst our peers.

Publishing this report is a foundational step forward in our DEIB journey. It provides a baseline, guidance for setting future targets, and a starting point for increased transparency. We are looking forward to the important conversations and commitments that this report will facilitate, and are hopeful that it will help us advance our goals. Our commitment to DEIB is unwavering.


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