Electric is a modern IT management platform that simplifies IT for SMBs and enhances security effortlessly. 

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Electric empowers small businesses with a simple approach to IT management. We provide the insights, recommendations, and tools to secure and maintain your applications and devices all in one user-friendly portal. We help you keep your business productive, secure and compliant.


Employee Management:

Provide employees a user-friendly portal for all IT requests, simplifying communication and standardizing ticket information. 

Centralized IT Provisioning:

Effortlessly manage all your devices, software, and security from one centralized interface, simplifying IT management tasks and increasing productivity.

Robust Security:

Protect your business with advanced security solutions that Electric can deploy and manage to keep you focussed on what matters most.

Employee Lifecycle Management:

Seamlessly manage the employee lifecycle including streamlined onboarding that gives new employees the tools they need on Day 1.

Device Management:

Real-time visibility into your company devices and tools keep them compliant with automated deployment of security policies, patches and software updates.


Electric IT Hub Pro

Core service package for small businesses to manage their IT:

  • Integrate your Justworks solution to streamline employee management

  • Access a single pane of glass into all devices under management and actionable insights to keep your devices in compliance with industry best practices 

  • Gain single point of visibility into all employees inclusive of device that they are using and assigned applications

  • Advanced Device Security and Management software offers a centralized and consistent management of devices, policies and other configurations 

$25/user per month 

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