Expense Management

Teampay is a new way to manage spend, giving you proactive controls & real-time visibility, without slowing down employees. With Teampay, you can manage all types of purchasing, made by anyone, from end to end.

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Gain control and real-time visibility over distributed spending

Teampay’s distributed spend management system simplifies finance operations and scales with your company so you can leave the awkward conversations and manual work of expenses in the rearview mirror and focus on growing your business.

Automated reconciliation: Eliminate manual work and best-guess accounting. Purchase data is collected at the initial request and sent pre-coded to the approver and to your general ledger automatically via workflows, saving valuable time at month-end close.

Proactive policy controls: Create policy and let the software do the rest. Route purchase requests to the right approvers, and automate payments limited to the approved amount or vendor — whether you’re dealing with virtual cards, physical cards, purchase orders or reimbursements. Be confident your team’s spending is always in compliance.

One place to go: Simplify complex processes with a seamless all-in-one purchasing experience. Employees have one place to go to request access to company funds, regardless of how it’s paid. Teampay guides users through each step of the purchasing process, from request to reconciliation. There’s no need to memorize a patchwork of policies and processes.

Democratized reporting: Deliver accurate information in real time to every stakeholder, giving your teams visibility that scales. As your company grows, the data required to run it does too. Instead of manually creating reports for business leaders after month-end close, Teampay provides data on-demand to managers and employees so they can manage actuals and commitments against the budget in real time — without any effort from Finance.


Pricing ranges from $6,000-$20,000 per year per business. A 20% discount is available for platform fees for 12 months. Learn more.

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