How it began

Founded in 1989, Dean Technology, Inc. quickly became one of the top manufacturers of high voltage, high power, and suppression products in the world.

What helps them stand out is their approach to the customer. Engineers work directly with customers to ensure the technologies they’re developing align directly with what the customer needs. Through acquisitions, continuous innovation, and dedication to the customer, Dean Technology has grown to be an industry leader. Their continued focus on these areas has led to a global presence, loyal customer base, and consistent growth.

To keep the focus on serving the customer and growing the business, Dean Technology wanted their employees well taken care of. Justworks was ready to help by providing them with access to the high-quality benefits they needed.

Customer Spotlight

“We were looking for an outside-the-box new approach. We are an innovative company and we like new ideas. And the Justworks platform really fits with what we’re trying to do.”