How It Began

Employers navigating the health insurance marketplace can find the process to be overwhelming. It’s why many turn to brokers for expert help.

JDM Benefits provides insurance broker, agent, and claims advocate services for businesses in the New York area. The firm provides unique solutions tailored to a client’s insurance and benefits needs, as well as risk exposure.JDM helps clients with anywhere from five to 1000 employees secure health insurance for their teams. Joe Moschitto, CPA, President of JDM Benefits, said that when it’s a good fit — typically for white-collar businesses with fewer than 100 employees — JDM recommends a PEO as an all-in-one solution.

And when he’s sending clients to a PEO, Justworks is a great choice.

A Partner and a Customer

Joe said that while his firm already worked with several PEOs, they decided to partner with Justworks because of the level of transparency.“

A lot of the PEOs are not transparent, and they can be aggressive or sales-y,” he said. “Justworks was very transparent with their fee, which we liked.”

In addition, Justworks allows for third-party admin access. Clients can designate their broker as the third-party admin for their Justworks account at no extra cost. This allows the broker to view important benefit information, which is especially helpful at health insurance renewal time.

Not long after becoming a partner with Justworks, JDM also decided to become a customer themselves. Now, Joe uses Justworks to take care of his own team.“

It’s definitely helpful when I can tell somebody that I also use Justworks,” Joe said. “They ask, ‘Oh wow, how do you like it?’ It’s definitely a selling point.”

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The features of Justworks that Joe likes as a customer also provide great value for his clients. For instance, payroll is automated, and tasks like making a payment to a contractor are simple on the modern platform.“

[Justworks] communicates very well, so I know what’s going on and when money’s coming out. I’m not worried about trying to remember,” Joe said. “If I have to pay a 1099 contractor, there’s no additional fee to do that and it’s very easy for me to do.”

Another part of the Justworks package that provides value to JDM clients are the additional benefits outside of health insurance. One is Health Advocate, a healthcare advocacy and assistance company, to which Justworks customers enrolled in health benefits have access. Joe mentioned that for employees, knowing they can call Health Advocate and speak with someone who’s familiar with their benefits and can answer tough questions is a great asset.

He added that even for someone like himself who’s not tech-savvy, he finds Justworks’ technology to be intuitive and the software easy to navigate.

“I’m not a millennial, and my computer skills are average at best,” Joe said. “But I find it very easy to use, and I can figure things out on my own.”

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