Radix Health

Tackling growth challenges with administrative support

Growing companies benefit greatly from partners that can grow alongside them. That’s why Radix Health chose Justworks.

Growing with us


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Healthcare Tech


Atlanta, GA

How it Began

Radix Health was created with patients at the forefront. Co-Founder & CEO Arun Mohan understood the challenges that patients and healthcare professionals face in scheduling appointments and wanted to help both parties simplify the process.

Radix Health developed a platform called DASH that has changed the way patients access doctors and other healthcare professionals. This technology is helping patients get matched with doctors who can better serve their needs and is making scheduling appointments more efficient and comprehensive for all involved.

Making strides in the health technology sector takes time and energy, so Radix Health needed help streamlining the administrative side of business operations. Justworks’ all-in-one platform was just the solution Radix Health needed to solve for this need.

Customer Spotlight

“We transitioned to the Justworks platform because we felt Justworks is an organization and a platform that can grow with us as our company grows.”