How it Began

Founded in 2013, Sparkfund began with a mission to transform the way businesses manage their building’s energy systems. Their monthly subscription model can be thought of as Netflix for your business’s utilities — including lighting, air conditioning, heating, and more.

Sparkfund is all about creating positive change, both for the bottom line and the planet. As the company grew, Sparkfund was ready to make a change in their HR and benefits solution, too. Mike Kohn, Chief People Experience Officer, came to realize that scaling the team was going to be a problem with their current provider. It was time to switch.

“Thankfully, I did not have to do the work of convincing everybody on the advantage of working with a PEO — we were on one,” Mike said. “But I wasn’t sold on going with that particular system.”

"Justworks is not an out-of-the-box product for a giant company. It’s much more custom fit to the needs of smaller organizations like us.”

Mike Kohn

Why Sparkfund Chooses Justworks

Cost savings

As a PEO, we use our group’s buying power to secure plans and prices usually only available to large corporations.

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Expert customer service

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Finding a Better Fit

As Mike took on the task of budgeting for the year to come, price was a big factor. The growth Sparkfund wanted to achieve would be a challenge given the cost of their previous PEO. In exploring the marketplace for more affordable options, he came across Justworks.

“Looking at the pricing, it just made a lot more sense for us,” Mike said. And beyond price, Justworks was a good fit for Sparkfund in other ways. Mike found the user experience from both an admin perspective and a user perspective was a big improvement from the previous system.

“It became clear at the time that Justworks is not an out-of-the-box product for a giant company,” he said. “It’s much more custom fit to the needs of smaller organizations like us.”

Supporting a Growing Team

The level of customer service that Sparkfund receives on Justworks is another aspect that gave Mike confidence that it was the right solution. As an admin, he loves having a dedicated Account Manager he can reach out to. And for his team, Justworks’ support is a perfect fit.

“At Sparkfund, we operate entirely in Slack — we actually don’t send internal emails as a company,” Mike said. “The fact that Justworks has all these alternatives, like email, phone, and Slack customer service, 24/7, is just a good match for how people like to find the help they want.”

Many employees at Sparkfund have told Mike that they appreciate the customer service, and Justworks overall — particularly those who experienced life on the previous platform.

“They find the experience much better, the navigability of the platform much better, and being able to find what they need is great,” he said. “I was talking to someone literally yesterday who had Slacked me to ask for something, and when I didn’t respond right away, she found the answer herself on the Justworks Slack with no problem.”

Talk about positive change.