The Supporting Strategies Story

Supporting Strategies provides efficient and effective outsourced bookkeeping services and operational support to growing businesses and has franchises throughout the U.S. Businesses that are too small to have their own in-house team of bookkeepers, financial analysts, controllers and finance leaders can outsource those functions to Supporting Strategies.

“Our clients pay for the support they need when they need it, but they get the benefit of having a robust team available to them,” said Mark Wald, Managing Director at Supporting Strategies | Los Angeles. “From bookkeeper up through CFO-level support, that’s our business.”

Working with growing businesses where the cost-to-value equation is particularly important, Mark knows that the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model can be a big help. Solutions that save clients time and money are crucial. And having worked with several PEOs in the past, he knew that Justworks was unique — and a good fit for a partnership with Supporting Strategies.

A Reliable Solution

The Supporting Strategies team thinks of themselves as a competent, scalable resource businesses can count on. In addition, they understand how to set up processes and systems in an efficient way that cater to each business's needs.

“And that’s how we think of Justworks — as a tool and a team of resources and functions that serve the business needs efficiently and in an integrated way,” said Mark. “I think that Justworks has a very efficient, tech-forward approach that aligns well with the budget-conscious tech startup.”

Mark noted that more and more, his clients want a self-service, tech-based, accessible solution for their business needs.

“If we’re trying to connect the dots between different systems with paper-based processes and emails and phone calls, then we’re missing the mark there by a long shot,” he said. Justworks is a perfect fit for this demand.

An Efficient, Modern Platform

For Supporting Strategies, efficiency and accuracy are key. Mark finds that the data integration between the Justworks platform and an accounting general ledger enables his team to be more efficient at getting a client’s financials correct.

“We can spend our time analyzing and deriving insights from the results rather than spending our time punching buttons to get numbers copied from one place to the other,” he said.

When compared with other PEOs, Mark loves that Justworks offers a modern platform that has been built thoughtfully from the ground up with the latest capabilities and workflows in mind. In his experience, other solutions feel like they’ve been cobbled together over time, which leaves room for error, delays, and inconsistencies.

“When these tools have technical ‘bandaids’ and human beings running manual workarounds, sometimes we feel that at the client level,” Mark said. “As the CFO for my clients’ businesses, I need to understand that I can count on consistency and accuracy in the work. I like that about Justworks.”