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Our founder, Isaac Oates, had just come up with the idea for Justworks after discovering first-hand how overwhelming the admin of running a business can be. To disrupt the “back office,” he recognized the need to create an entirely new platform — a seamless fusion of software and service delivery built to put people first.

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From day one, Isaac’s main priority was the customer experience. Justworks was built in-house from the ground up, so that every aspect of the customer experience was owned by the company. Plus, as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Justworks could handle the tedious and complicated work of filing, reporting, and procuring the correct insurance policies for growing businesses and their teams.

Simple? Not quite.

But Isaac and his, now growing, team were dedicated to creating a truly worry-free way to support modern entrepreneurs. They wanted to build a platform and service delivery that was reliable, always improving, and easy to use.

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From the beginning, they were focused on solving the technology challenges of legacy providers while also recognizing the merit of their compliance focus. Justworks spent years becoming a licensed provider in every state before it even launched, for example. Five years on, marrying strict regulatory adherence with beautifully designed, easy to use software has proven to be a winning combination. Our platform has evolved quite a bit since the early days, but the focus on simplicity has not.

Today, whether it’s for 2 or 200 employees, entrepreneurs and growing businesses across all 50 U.S. states use Justworks to work fearlessly, pursue their passion, and do more of what matters.

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