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Announcing New Benefits: One Medical and Health Advocate

We've partnered with Health Advocate and One Medical to make Justworks benefits even better!

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Apr 29, 20164 minutes
New to Justworks

We are always working to make sure we’re adding the features and benefits that make it easy for you to run your business and take care of your team. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with One Medical and Health Advocate to offer on demand, primary care and personal health advocacy services to companies offering healthcare through Justworks.

And the best part? This is free of charge, included as part of the Justworks benefits package. We strongly believe all of our members should have access to the best in healthcare. Both of these services will be available to employees starting on June 1st.

Why did Justworks choose to partner with One Medical and Health Advocate?

We believe that One Medical and Health Advocate will help companies on Justworks take better care of their teams. One Medical offers a patient-centered, primary care practice that makes it easier for members to get care for themselves, and their dependents.  Health Advocate complements members’ healthcare plans with a personal health advocate to navigate their healthcare and facilitate interactions with healthcare providers and insurers.

These competitive offerings will help our customers differentiate themselves from their competitors when it comes to recruiting efforts.

We decided to focus on adding benefits that are complementary to healthcare, because although everyone has healthcare — either through their jobs, their families, or the exchange — understanding your benefits has never been harder. Both One Medical and Health Advocate focus on making the healthcare experience easier to navigate and making the plans themselves easier to use.

What is One Medical?

One Medical provides its members with access to top-rated healthcare professionals who have time to listen and make their patients a priority. One Medical takes everything painful about going to the doctor out of the equation — including long wait times, lack of available doctors, and outdated platforms and processes. They've created a whole new health care experience for patients.

By integrating One Medical with Justworks’ platform, Justworks members will have access to same or next-day medical appointments, 24/7 access to virtual care, and the ability to book appointments and renew prescriptions via a mobile app.

One Medical members enjoy:

  • High-quality, patient-centered primary care

  • Same-day/next-day appointments

  • More quality time - Longer visits that start on time

  • 24/7/365 claim-free virtual care (phone, email, app)

  • Mobile app for appointment scheduling and Rx

  • Referrals to a network of curated specialists

  • Locations in major cities across the country, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C. and Phoenix

While One Medical membership typically costs $199/year, Justworks has made it available for free for all companies currently offering medical benefits to their employees.

What is Health Advocate?

Health Advocate offers members personalized support in navigating their healthcare and insurance. Through a Personal Health Advocate, typically a registered nurse, supported by medical directors and benefits and claims specialists, Health Advocate helps members find specialists, schedule appointments, negotiate claims and more.

Through our joint partnership, employees at companies offering healthcare will have unlimited access to their service at no additional cost. Health Advocate is available to eligible employees, their spouses or domestic partners, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.

Here is just a sample of the many services you will now have readily available to you with Health Advocate:

  • Help finding the right doctors and hospitals<

  • Help obtaining services for your elderly parents and parents-in- law

  • Help scheduling appointments, especially with hard-to-reach specialists

  • Help when faced with serious illness or injury

  • Help securing second opinions

  • Help with insurance claims and billing issues

  • …and much more!

What Other Benefits Does Justworks Offer?

One Medical and Health Advocate are additions to our growing list of healthcare benefits:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

  • Commuter benefits

  • Gym memberships

  • Citi Bike memberships

  • And more!

We are thrilled to announce these great new services to help our customers take better care of their teams by improving quality of care and access to their healthcare benefits. To learn more, please visit the benefits section of our website.

Health Advocate is not affiliated with any insurance or third party provider. Health Advocate complies with all government privacy standards. Health Advocate does not replace health insurance coverage, provide medical care, or recommend treatment.

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