Isaac Oates

Isaac is Founder and Executive Chair of Justworks.

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Our Commitment to Access in a Post-Roe World
Read a message from our CEO in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling impacting Roe v. Wade.
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Important Updates to Justworks’ Vaccination Policies
POSTED ON July 27 IN Justworks Love
Justworks has a responsibility to support efforts to get as many people vaccinated for COVID-19 as possible. Learn more about our updated policies in this letter from our CEO.
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Black Lives Matter: One Year Later
POSTED ON June 4 IN Justworks Love
On the one-year anniversary of announcing our Black Lives Matter commitments, we're looking back at what we achieved — and sharing what's still to come.
The Attack on the Capitol
POSTED ON January 7
Our system, however imperfect, is under attack. We remain committed to taking care of our people and fostering an environment where they can help each other navigate these unprecedented times together.
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Black Lives Matter: 90 Days Later
POSTED ON September 3 IN Justworks Love
On June 4, 2020, we published a set of Black Lives Matter commitments. Here is how we are doing and what we have learned so far.
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Black Lives Matter
POSTED ON June 4 IN Justworks Love
Black Lives Matter and we can’t be a nation where all people are created equal unless we recognize, confront, and eradicate racism.
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Isaac Oates on the Dilemma of Running a Business in a Turbulent Environment
POSTED ON February 17 IN Justworks Love
Justworks' CEO discusses navigating the current political environment as a business leader.
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Isaac Oates: On Caring for My Team During Emergencies
POSTED ON September 22 IN Justworks Love
After a bombing in Manhattan, Justworks CEO Isaac Oates shares how he cared for his team in the face of unexpected events.
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Can We Make Tech as Diverse as NYC?
POSTED ON July 20 IN Justworks Love
Justworks CEO Isaac Oates talks about the importance of diversity and why we're striving to go beyond tech benchmarks.