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Managing Your Team
The Importance of Tracking Leave With Unlimited PTO
POSTED ON November 22 IN Managing Your Team
Tracking unlimited PTO helps prevent burnout by encouraging employees to take enough time off while also revealing performance management concerns.
Managing Your Team
What to Consider if You Don't Have a Dedicated DEI Team
POSTED ON August 23 IN Managing Your Team
Even small businesses can build a strong culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It takes leadership commitment, great DEI ideas, and employee involvement.
Managing Your Team
Simplify time tracking with Justworks Hours
POSTED ON August 18 IN Managing Your Team
Justworks Hours makes manual timecard entry a thing of the past by automatically syncing time and attendance with payroll.
Managing Your Team
So You Want to Pay Your Interns: A Guide to Paid Internships
POSTED ON June 2 IN Managing Your Team
Are paid interns considered employees? How much should you pay an intern? Paying interns can be tricky, read Justworks key considerations for more today.
Managing Your Team
Understanding Supplemental Wages and Tax Rates
POSTED ON June 2 IN Managing Your Team
Supplemental wages can be a headache for employers, but it doesn't have to be. Use this guide to understand the tax rate on supplemental wages.
Managing Your Team
Virtual Team Bonding For Remote and Hybrid Teams
POSTED ON May 27 IN Managing Your Team
Team bonding can be a challenge when the team is distributed. Try these ideas to help your employees connect no matter where they’re based.
Managing Your Team
Working Remotely in 2021 and Beyond: How to Increase Productivity Outside the Office
POSTED ON May 19 IN Managing Your Team
The ability to work remotely expanded exponentially through 2020 and into 2021. With remote work and hybrid teams here to stay, try these top productivity tips.
Managing Your Team
Need Help Hiring and Managing Remote Employees? Download our Guide
POSTED ON May 13 IN Managing Your Team
Remote work has become an essential component of today’s workplace. Our ebook reveals what you need to know to recruit, manage, and lead remote teams.
Managing Your Team
Can Mandated No-Meeting Days Help Your Office's Productivity?
POSTED ON May 10 IN Managing Your Team
No-Meeting Days are one way to encourage productivity and cut down on meetings. But what are No-Meeting Days and how do you implement them?