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Hiring? Our Employee Onboarding Checklist Simplifies the Process

A new hire means lots of paperwork. This checklist will streamline the process.

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Kris Hoppe
Sep 25, 20172 minutes
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Congratulations! You’re bringing on a new person into your company.

A new employee represents fresh ideas for the company and the growth of your team. But with any new hire comes a lot of paperwork and technicalities before you can get that employee fully onboarded.

That’s why we’ve made an easy checklist that lists the steps you need to take as an employer to properly and legally onboard a new employee.

Employee Onboarding Checklist

This downloadable PDF features an easy checklist on new hire best practices, including:

  • New Hire Paperwork - Hiring a new employee is exciting. Doing the paperwork? Not so much. But using a checklist to keep track of it all will make employee onboarding go more smoothly. That paperwork ranges from the job offer letter to wage notices and withholding tax forms.

  • Pay Practices - Did you know that you’ll have to classify employees as exempt or non-exempt? This section also includes establishing work days and giving out notices about certain pay practices.

  • Benefits - Make sure your benefits know all they need to about what types of benefits your company offers access to.

New Hire Checklist

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What Should Onboarding Include?

Of course, the legalities are just one part of successfully hiring and onboarding a new employee. Creating a fun and comprehensive onboarding experience will help retain employees in the long-run. One study has shown that employees are 69% more likely to stay at a company up to three years if they attend a well-structured orientation program.

Below, we’ve provided a roundup of content on hiring and onboarding employees to help you out.

Employee Onboarding Resources:

Hiring Interns, the Legal Way

Adding interns to your team is a great way to introduce young, ambitious people to the working world. But did you know that having unpaid interns might actually violate labor laws? This article explains the legalities more in-depth.

13 Ways to Onboard Happy Employees and Increase Retention

This post gives 13 fresh ideas for onboarding hires. For example, think of grouping new hires together into ‘classes,’ giving a tour of the new office, setting up voicemail, and scheduling out 30-, 60-, and 90-day meetings.

Increase Employee Retention with an Exceptional Onboarding Process

If you’re focused on increasing employee retention, a comprehensive employee onboarding program is a must. This blog post offers plenty of practical ideas, such as:

  • Creating a go-to document for new employees to reference

  • Having an onboarding checklist

  • Configuring office supplies to be ready on day one

  • Arranging introductions

  • Kicking off with a warm welcome

  • Designating an onboarding manager

  • Onboarding with batches of employees

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