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Justworks Launches Justwomen: A Community for Women Entrepreneurs

We hosted a talk with Joanne Wilson and Amy Cortese as the inaugural event for Justwomen, a community of women entrepreneurs based in NY.

Julia Averbuck, Justworks
Julia Averbuck
Nov 13, 20142 minutes
Words of wisdom from entrepreneurs Lisa Mann and Diane Hessan at Justwomen.

On Thursday, November 6, Justworks hosted a fireside chat with Joanne Wilson and Amy Cortese as the inaugural event for Justwomen. The invite-only event brought together many women entrepreneurs along with a few investors to discuss the funding gap for female run companies. The hour long chat was preceded by a cocktail reception and was the first of a monthly series of events targeting women entrepreneurs.

But wait… what is Justwomen? you ask.

Justwomen Events

Interested in attending the next Justwomen event?

What is Justwomen?

To answer that question, we’ll have to backtrack a bit. We started Justworks to help entrepreneurs grow their business in an efficient and successful way. We do that by helping businesses with payroll, benefits and government compliance. Think kickass HR services for your company and employees.

In our business, we’re very fortunate to meet many talented entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Keeping our goal of helping businesses in mind, we thought it’d be awesome if we could introduce these entrepreneurs to each other so that they could help one another and become friends.

We decided to start our efforts focused on female founders for two reasons. First, we know a lot of awesome women who have been really helpful to us along the way. One of these women is Joanne, who spoke at our event and is one of our early stage investors.

The second reason is that, although we know all these awesome women, they didn’t seem to know each other! That shocked us, and we wanted to make sure they met.

Justwomen Moving Forward

The kickoff event last Thursday was the first of a series of events. If you’re interested, you can see the footage of the event above.

We’re hosting events to facilitate these connections and to engage in useful discussions about women entrepreneurship. Moving forward, we will continue to host events focused on compelling topics for women entrepreneurs.

Our next event will be taking place the week of December 8th. We’ll announce the speakers on our Facebook page, Twitter and right here on our blog. As of right now, the events are invite-only, so if you’d like to get an invitation, reach out to us at [email protected]

Thank you again for everyone who came. We are excited to continue to grow this community over time.

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