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New Payroll Report Features to Help You Better Navigate and Understand Payments

It’s easier than ever to understand your payroll data. Learn how to utilize our new payroll report features in Justworks.

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Oct 18, 20193 minutes

Justworks is on a mission to free you from administrative headaches and give you back your time. That’s why we make it easy to discover business insights from day one with Reporting by Justworks.

With our new payroll report, you can easily drill down into employee payments, deductions, and contributions across specific time frames, departments, and locations.

Whether you’re managing your company’s finances, leading HR, or assisting clients with accounting, we have the tools and support you need to have peace of mind when it comes to payroll.

An Overview of PEOs

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New Features to Analyze Your Payments Data

Access the most actionable payment details quickly through our new payroll report features:

View Payroll Summary Report

With our new payroll report, you can get a comprehensive picture of your payroll and money going out, including taxes, benefits contributions, and perks for individual employees.

View summaries by payee across a variety of key areas, such as:

  • Gross earnings

  • Employee net pay

  • Employer paid taxes and contributions

  • Total cost per worker

You can always find your payroll report under Company > Reports in Justworks. With this report, you’ll also be able to sum employee payments by week, month, or another selected time frame.

Run Payroll Report by Department or Office Location

No more time wasted trying to gather accurate payroll information on specific departments or office locations. Justworks gives you the ability to filter the report by department or office location. Or use the subtotals per department included at the bottom of each downloadable report to analyze your payment details.

Simply navigate to Advanced Filters on the Payroll Report page to filter by department, employee member type, and more. You can download your custom payroll report .csv from the top of the page.

Take a Deeper Dive into Your Payment Data

Gain even more insight by downloading the “Detailed Report”. This report provides a breakdown of payment details by payee, including:

  • Supplemental payments by type (commission, bonus, severance, etc.)

  • Employee and employer-paid local, state, and federal taxes

  • Employee and employer-paid contributions (medical, dental, vision, gym, etc.)

With these granular breakdowns, you’re equipped with the right data to confidently make better payroll and business decisions.

Types of Payroll Reports for Small Businesses and More

No matter your business needs or your role, it’s easier than ever to keep a pulse on your company’s payroll performance.

Company-Level Reports

Need to generate an ad hoc payments report for your company owners? Preparing for your quarterly board meeting with business stakeholders? Justworks allows you to pull company-level data you need, such as budget vs. actual payments and cash flow, when you need it.

Department-Level Reports

Dig in deeper within departments, view bonuses and commissions, or create hiring plans. Measure budget vs. actuals across different business areas with pre-calculated subtotals for the timeframe you select.

Employee-Level Reports

Finally, take a detailed look at individual employees and see compensation changes as well as contributions towards benefits, taxes, and more. If you’re preparing for an annual compensation review, Justworks streamlines the process with employee payment data that’s easy to access.

Want to learn more about what the new Payroll Report is capable of? Read more about Payroll Report (Beta) in our Help Center.