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Team Bonding Ideas: Our Favorite Outings in NYC

Struggling to think of team bonding ideas? Look outside the office, with group activities in NYC that all your co-workers will enjoy.

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Kris Hoppe
Mar 25, 20163 minutes
Team Bonding Ideas: Our Favorite Outings in NYC

Your team works hard. So every once and a while, they deserve to blow off some steam and have a great time together. Not only does leaving the office help team bonding, it also creates memories and boosts employee morale.

We’ve written before about team building activities for work that people will actually enjoy, but there is something about team outings in NYC that merits its own attention. New York City has an infinite amount of choices for group activities, but it can also be cramped for space and difficult to find the right spot for your everyone.

So, we turned to our social media accounts to ask what your favorite spots are for teams under 100. Here are your responses, along with some of our favorites as well.

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Pier A Harbor House


Photo: Pier A Harbor House

Skip the food, come for the drinks and atmosphere. Pier A Harbor House sits on the crux of the Hudson River and Battery Park, picturesque sunsets and views of the Statue of Liberty abound. Book the third floor for special team events and get a great view of the skyline, or just grab a seat with your team near the bar. Open since 1886, you’ll enjoy the historic feel.

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Sheep Meadow


Photo: NYC Explorer

Michael Angel Valdez of AFS-USA shared his favorite team spot with us on Twitter...


...and we couldn’t agree more. Sheep Meadow is the ideal spot to run around and be active, or just enjoy some team building events — flag football, anyone? Located on west/side mid-park from 66th to 69th streets, Sheep Meadow has been the site of many major public events. Bonus points if you’re throwing around a frisbee or beach ball decorated with some company swag.

Karaoke One7


Image: Karaoke One7

When Justworks raised our Series C Funding, we all celebrated by renting out a room at Karaoke One7 and ordering a bunch of pizza. If you’re looking for a spot to bond over tone-deaf ballads and disco lights, this is this one. Three dollar draft beers make this more affordable than some other joints around town as well.

Ponte Vecchio Ristorante


Photo: Ponte Vecchio Ristorante

Pamela Errico-Gaglio recommended this spot after seeing our LinkedIn post, and there’s nothing like a great meal to bring people together. An Italian staple in Brooklyn Heights, this venue works best for small to medium sized parties. We’ve heard great things about the fresh pappardelle and the king crab and linguine in spicy marinara.

Spirit Cruises


Photo: Spirit Cruises

At Justworks, if a team member refers a new hire, he or she gets a referral bonus. This past year, the team decided to put all our company referral bonuses together and enjoy this activity together. Whether you want a Statue of Liberty Cruise or a dinner party, sometimes a boat is what you need to get out of an office chair.

Tavern 29


Photo: Tavern 29

If you’re looking for something sweet and simple, think happy hour on Tavern 29’s rooftop. Named one of the 10 Awesome Rooftop Bars in New York City by Business Insider, this is the perfect spot to bring the team once the weather finally warms up. The craft brews and picnic-style tables give it a friendly feel.

Professor Thom’s


Photo: Love This City

Sometimes, all you need is a good old fashioned sports bar. Professor Thom’s was named one of the best bars to watch the Super Bowl in NYC. For all the other days of the year, it has two venues for private parties and classic American fare with a large selection of draft beers.