Justworks + Xero

Easily sync payroll and expenses from Justworks to your accounting software.

Our Xero integration allows you or your accountant to send mapped invoices directly to your general ledger so you can keep track of your entire financial picture in one place.

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Keep track of your business’ entire financial picture in one place

Easily sync payroll and expenses by connecting your Xero account. Import all paid invoices from Justworks into your accounting software to view all your business’ financial information together.

About Justworks

Whatever shape and size your team takes, paying your people is easy and reliable with Justworks. Schedule payroll seamlessly, track everything in one place, and make any payments you need to, at no extra cost. Justworks helps teams of all sizes get access to the type of high-quality, affordable benefits usually only available to large corporations. Because you and your team deserve them, too.

You Get:

  • Easy, reliable payroll

  • Compliance support, worry free

  • High-quality, affordable benefits your team will love

About Xero

​Log​ ​in​ ​anytime,​ ​anywhere​ ​on​ ​your​ ​Mac,​ ​PC,​ ​tablet or​ ​phone​ ​to​ ​get​ ​a​ ​real-time​ ​view​ ​of​ ​your​ ​cash​ ​flow.​ ​It’s​ ​small​ ​business​ ​accounting software​ ​that’s​ ​simple,​ ​smart​ ​and​ ​occasionally​ ​magical. End​ ​online​ ​invoices​ ​to​ ​your​ ​customers​ ​-​ ​and​ ​get updated​ ​when​ ​they’re​ ​opened. Use​ ​our​ ​mobile​ ​app​ ​to​ ​reconcile,​ ​send​ ​invoices,​ ​or​ ​create expense​ ​claims​ ​-​ ​from​ ​anywhere. Xero​ ​imports​ ​and​ ​categorizes​ ​your​ ​latest​ ​bank​ ​transactions.​ ​Just click​ ​ok​ ​to​ ​reconcile.

You Can:

  • Get​ ​a​ ​real-time​ ​view​ ​of​ ​your​ ​cashflow

  • Get​ ​paid​ ​faster​ ​with​ ​online​ ​invoicing

  • Run​ ​your​ ​business​ ​on​ ​the​ ​go

  • Reconcile​ ​in​ ​seconds