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Boost efficiency with Justworks Time Tracking (formerly Justworks Hours). Easy-to-use employee time tracking software combined with innovative tools offers a seamless experience with Justworks PEO or Payroll. 

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Why Justworks Time Tracking

Managing the modern, distributed workforce (and staying compliant in the process) is no easy feat. Add the time-saving features of Time Tracking to boost productivity and improve time management across your team.

Feature Item - Payroll syncing
Payroll syncing
Feature Item - Overtime & break rules
Overtime & break rules
Feature Item - Reminders & alerts
Reminders & alerts
Feature Item - Geo-fencing capabilities
Geo-fencing capabilities
Feature Item - Shift management
Shift management

Time Track Easily

Manage employees’ time from our seamless timekeeping solution. Track shifts and verify clock-in and clock-out locations with geofencing capabilities. Employees, remote or onsite, can confidently and reliably track time using our mobile app, online platform, or Slack.

Stay Compliant

Reduce errors and payroll stress with the tools you need to stay compliant. Set yourself and your employees up for success with safeguards and solutions like overtime watch, automated meal and rest break reminders, and direct syncing with Justworks PEO or Payroll software.

Gain Insights

Fuel growth and manage your team efficiently with access to the data you need. Share data between systems easily. Dig deeper into timesheets, payroll, and overtime. Streamline operations and manage your budget with detailed reporting.

See Time Tracking in Action

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual entry with spreadsheets and hello to seamless time tracking. See for yourself how effortless it can be to track and manage your team’s time with automatic syncing to payroll, whether that’s Justworks PEO or Payroll.

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Quote - Connor W.

"Justworks [Time Tracking] has simplified time reporting for my business and made payroll easy…The simple interface for the employees entering their time has made switching to this software easy."

Connor W.

Director of Finance and Administration, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

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PEO + Time Tracking: add $8/month per employee

What's Included in Time Tracking
Syncing with Justworks PEO
Dedicated, automatic onboarding
Mobile app for on-the-go clock-in
Geo-fencing and Overtime tracking
Shift Notes, Reporting, and Slack integration
Compliance support
Meal and rest break reminders
Punch clock
Time Tracking for contractors*

*available add-on

Payroll + Time Tracking: add $4/month per employee*

*50% off limited time for the first 12 months

What's Included in Time Tracking
Syncing with Justworks Payroll
Dedicated, automatic onboarding
Mobile app for on-the-go clock-in
Geo-fencing and Overtime tracking
Shift Notes, Reporting, and Slack integration
Compliance support
Meal and rest break reminders
Punch clock
Time Tracking for contractors*

*available add-on

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Questions? We've Got You Covered

What is Justworks Time Tracking?

Justworks Time Tracking is an add-on product for Justworks PEO and Justworks Payroll. If you’re ready to get started with Justworks, simply fill out our form and ask about adding Time Tracking.

I’m a current customer, how does my company start using Justworks Time Tracking?

To learn more about adding Time Tracking, book a demo.

How much does Justworks Time Tracking cost?

Add on Time Tracking to Justworks PEO and Justworks Payroll for an additional cost. Time Tracking + PEO is $8/month per user and Time Tracking + Payroll is $4/month per user, for a limited time.

Why should I use Justworks Time Tracking?

Pairing all the features of Justworks PEO and Payroll with Time Tracking means managing your team — and their time — just got easier. Take the guesswork out of complicated daily tasks with a product that offers powerful tools to help you scale your business including payroll integration, built-in GPS tracking and overtime watch, and expert support.

What sets Justworks Time Tracking apart from other time tracking solutions?

Time Tracking enables you and your team to track time consistently and accurately with targeted geo-fencing, seamless automated payroll syncing, and the data you need right at your fingertips — all within a tech-forward, user-friendly platform.

Can I use Justworks Time Tracking if I have multiple offices or worksite locations?

Absolutely — if your company has offices or employees in multiple states, you can add all of your offices or worksite locations into Time Tracking. You can even set overtime rules for each individual location.

How does Justworks Time Tracking help understand labor expenses?

Our automated time tracking technology helps give you more insight into your workforce in real time. Increase visibility, improve operational efficiency, and manage your labor budget better with features like geo-fencing, overtime watch, and automated reminders and alerts.

How long does it take to implement Justworks Time Tracking and train my employees?

Your Time Tracking account can be set up within minutes. When you add your employees into the system, they will each receive an invite code to join your Time Tracking account and download the mobile app. Onboarding includes employee training to make sure your employees have everything they need to start tracking time immediately. If they have additional questions, we’re always available to offer support.

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