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Get to know the Justworks Leadership Team.

Leadership Team

Feature Item - Mike Seckler
Mike Seckler

President & CEO

Feature Item - Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez

Chief Revenue Officer

Feature Item - Johnathan Mirian
Johnathan Mirian

Chief Financial Officer

Feature Item - George Abbott
George Abbott

SVP, Product & Design

Feature Item - Jeri Doris
Jeri Doris

SVP, People

Feature Item - David Feinberg
David Feinberg

SVP, Risk & Insurance Programs

Feature Item - Yujin Kim
Yujin Kim

SVP, Engineering

Feature Item - Mario Springer
Mario Springer

SVP & General Counsel

Feature Item - Mike Albo
Mike Albo

VP, Sales

Feature Item - Jamaal Brown
Jamaal Brown

VP, Finance

Feature Item - Julia D'Amico
Julia D'Amico

VP, Benefits

Feature Item - Maite Diez-Canedo
Maite Diez-Canedo

VP, International

Feature Item - Itziar Diez-Canedo
Itziar Diez-Canedo

VP, International

Feature Item - Jay Harlow
Jay Harlow

VP, Product Design

Feature Item - Tim Hoehn
Tim Hoehn

VP, Business Operations

Feature Item - Gus Koumbaros
Gus Koumbaros

VP, Health Insurance Underwriting

Feature Item - Ken Little
Ken Little

VP, Justworks Payroll

Feature Item - Gary Manalus
Gary Manalus

VP, Revenue Enablement

Feature Item - Natalie Miranda
Natalie Miranda

VP, Customer Success

Feature Item - Renee Orser
Renee Orser

VP, Internal Tools & Operations

Feature Item - Shankar Parasuraman
Shankar Parasuraman

VP, Payment & Tax Unit

Feature Item - Sara Rowghani
Sara Rowghani

VP, Marketing

Feature Item - Stephen Smyth
Stephen Smyth

VP, Product Growth

Feature Item - Sarah Syme
Sarah Syme

VP, Accounting

Feature Item - Yabing Wang
Yabing Wang

VP, Information Security & CISO

Feature Item - Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson

VP, Strategy & Corporate Development

Feature Item - Lauren Yildirim
Lauren Yildirim

VP & Chief of Staff

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