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Here Are 16 Work Perks Your Employees Want Over a Raise [Infographic]

Money isn’t the only thing that matters with company benefits. Learn which work perks employees actually care about.

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Jun 17, 20161 minutes
Learn the 16 work perks your employee wants over a raise.

The popular notion that employees prefer a raise over other benefits is beginning to change as multiple studies reveal the various factors that impact employee happiness.

Stats on What Employees Want Most

Take, for example, that 28% of employees would rather have a better boss than a $5,000 raise. And a whopping one in three employees would give up $5,000 a year in salary to feel happier at work. If it’s not all about money, what company benefits do drive employee happiness and higher productivity? Our friends at SnackNation shared the below infographic, which reveals the flexible benefits employees seek out most.

Employee Perks Infographic

This employee perks infographic originally appeared on SnackNation’s blog.

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