Onboard and Pay International Contractors Around the World

Pay team members near and far with our built-in international contractor payments feature.

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Hire More Flexibly for the Skills You Need

Streamline your payroll process with a payment solution that lets you pay team members in top talent markets and beyond.

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Feature Item - Expand Your Talent Pool
Expand Your Talent Pool

Widen your talent search with the ability to easily onboard and pay international contractors.

Feature Item - Consolidate Your Payroll Tools
Consolidate Your Payroll Tools

Make payments from one payment solution, whether your team is stateside or abroad.

Feature Item - Onboard Team Members
Onboard Team Members

With self-service onboarding, team members can get set up in our online platform faster.

Build Your Dream Team Around the World

Grow your team strategically. Hire talent with the key skills you need without being limited by location. With the ability to add international contractors in over 30 countries from the same platform you manage your team at home, you can access the talent you need to propel your business to new heights.

Pay the Whole Team from One Platform

Skip the hassle of managing multiple logins. Save time and money by consolidating payment tools and paying your whole team from a single online platform. Onboard and pay international contractors seamlessly from the same place as your team at home with our integrated payments feature. Keeping all team members, hourly, salaried, near, or far on one system helps you stay organized and reduce the chance of oversights.

  • Pay international contractors in 30+ countries
  • Make contractor payments in local currencies
  • View the exchange rate on each payment
  • Pull payment reports using preset or custom date ranges

Start Off Strong with Streamlined Onboarding

Get back to business sooner with quick and easy onboarding for contractors. Checking that off your list is just a few quick clicks from our user-friendly platform. Contractors can complete onboarding from our platform with an intuitive process they can run through on their own, freeing up your time and enabling you to start making timely payments sooner.

  • Invite new team members to our online platform
  • Make onboarding easier for new contractors with a self-service experience

“I can pay our vendors in two seconds and pay international contractors with a click of a button [through Expenses and International Contractor Payments].”


HR Manager, Telematics

We’re Just Getting Started

International Contractor Payments is available in 30+ countries with more countries being added. Sign up for updates on when we add new countries and more.

Questions? We've Got You Covered

Want an Easier Way to Pay International Contractors?

Streamline onboarding and paying your entire workforce at home and abroad with International Contractor Payments.

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