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Justworks Commits to New Action to Catalyze Tech Report, an Unprecedented Initiative to Transform DEI Outcomes Across the Tech Industry

NEW YORK — October 28, 2021 - Justworks is proud to be among the first companies to sign the Action to Catalyze Tech (ACT) Report, which compels tech companies to commit to bold, collective action by open sourcing diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) best practices, encouraging tech companies to collaborate on systemic, research-based solutions and increasing accountability to drive change.

Isaac Oates is joined by over 30 CEOs from leading technology organizations that have committed to be founding signatories of the ACT Report, pledging to hold themselves and their companies accountable to accelerate progress in achieving DEI success.

“Justworks has taken strides to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion for all employees,” said Yrthya Dinzey-Flores, Vice President of DEI, Social Impact and Sustainability at Justworks. “As a technology company working with thousands of small business owners across the country, we understand our role in helping entrepreneurs access the tools needed to better their DEI approach and drive change for employees. We are proud to be a founding signatory of Catalyze Tech to foster accountability and improve DEI practices across the technology industry.”

As part of the pledge, Justworks and the other signatories commit to developing company-specific strategies to pursue or enhance activity around the four recommendations outlined in the ACT Report, which include:

  • Modeling and incentivizing inclusive leadership, including by recognizing DEI as a business imperative;

  • Operationalizing DEI throughout their businesses by applying a DEI framework to think about how they spend their money (supplier diversity), design and build their products (product inclusion) and think about talent;

  • Sharing DEI demographic data with a proposed industry body, the Tech Equity Accountability Mechanism, incubated by the Aspen Institute, with the goal of creating industry wide standards for reporting such data;

  • Transforming future pathways into tech for underrepresented talent, including by helping solve the acute lack of computer science teachers from underrepresented backgrounds.

The full ACT Report is available online at

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