You consent to Justworks’ processing of personally identifiable information Justworks receives (in Justworks’ systems in the U.S.).

Justworks processes payments on behalf of a Justworks customer (“Customer”) who has authorized payment to you or your company in connection with services you provide to Customer. These payments are conditioned upon our timely receipt of accurate information and funds from Customer. Justworks will report payments we make to you on an IRS Form 1099, as appropriate.

You understand that you are not an employee of Justworks or Customer but rather an independent contractor or vendor.

You represent that: (i) the bank account that you have entered in Justworks’ platform is owned by you or your company and in your name or your company’s name at a federally insured bank; and (ii) no individual with significant responsibility to control, manage or direct you or your company, is a Specially Designated National under rules or regulations of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control or otherwise subject to sanctions limitations. You will promptly notify Justworks if the preceding statement becomes untrue or incorrect at any time while Customer is on Justworks’ platform.