Natalie Cook

CEO & Founder of Copper8 Strategies at Copper8 Strategies

Natalie is the CEO of Copper8 Strategies and the author of the Finance Fight Club blog. She’s passionate about enabling business owners to take control of their business finances, scale and sell their businesses.

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Recent Posts


Comparing the Costs of W-2 Employees vs 1099 Contractors

Discover the factors that impact the costs of 1099 contractors and W-2 employees. Learn why W-2 employees can be cheaper in the long run for growing businesses.

August 15, 2023 4 minutes

Basics for Business Owners: The Difference Between Finance and Accounting

For business owners, and especially first-time founders, understanding accounting and finance are crucial. While both disciplines obviously deal with money, they are very different — and both are necessary functions of a business.

July 20, 2023 3 minutes

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