Product Update: Documents In Onboarding and New Employee Onboarding Tools

Onboarding new hires can feel like a full time job. Make life easier with our new employee onboarding features.

Blog Author - Austin Javellana
Austin Javellana
Mar 22, 20222 minutes
Blog Author - Austin Javellana
Austin Javellana
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Blog - Hero - Documents In Onboarding and New Employee Onboarding Tools

Onboarding is a critical moment in an employee’s lifecycle. Onboarding that makes an employee feel welcomed, prepared, and recognized can lead to higher employee retention and satisfaction. On the flip side, disorganized and fragmented onboarding makes it more likely that an employee will seek other opportunities sooner rather than later.

Managing a Team

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Onboarding a new employee isn’t easy though. There are multiple people, systems, and tasks you have to manage to get ready for a new hire’s first day. That’s why we’re introducing new onboarding tools to make your life less complicated and help your new hires confidently onboard to your organization.

Here’s what’s new:

Reduce The Hassle of New Hire Paperwork

There’s a lot of documentation that new hires need to review and sign on their first day. It can be overwhelming to send and collect documents from new hires, especially if you’re onboarding multiple employees at once.

The process is even more complicated when you’re onboarding employees remotely. Managing multiple systems to create, send, collect, and store documents is challenging for you, and having to print, sign, and scan documents is challenging for your employees.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that documents can now be assigned to new hires to review and sign as a step when creating a Justworks account.

Save yourself time, manage less onboarding tools, and create an easy and paperless onboarding experience by assigning documents like handbooks and company policies for new hires to sign when they get set up in Justworks.

Pronouns For an Inclusive Workplace On Day One

Justworks is dedicated to creating a product where all people feel valued and respected so that you can create an inclusive place to work. When employees create a Justworks account, they can now enter their pronouns to be included in the Company Directory. Existing employees can also enter their pronouns into Justworks by going to their account settings.

Having your employees enter their pronouns into Justworks is one way to help each member of your organization feel comfortable, identified, and valued. Furthermore, creating inclusive workplaces generally leads to higher productivity, retention, and employee happiness. For new hires, this is especially important because it shows your organization’s dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and enables new hires to bring their full selves to work on day one.

Employee Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding isn’t just an administrator’s headache. Employees also have a lot to complete in order to get started, and it can be overwhelming.

Our new employee facing onboarding checklist helps with that. The checklist shows important onboarding steps to be completed in Justworks, providing new hires everything they need to know in one place and reducing the amount of follow-up needed to complete each task on your end. From entering state withholding tax information, to viewing the Org Chart, to selecting benefits, the onboarding checklist helps new hires feel confident that they’ve completed every step of employee onboarding in Justworks.

Evaluate And Evolve

Employee onboarding is important to get right because it directly impacts employee satisfaction and retention. It’s not always a perfect process, though, and it should be continuously evaluated to make sure you’re meeting the needs of your new hires. Use our free onboarding survey template to gather feedback from your employees and continually improve your new hire onboarding experience.

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Blog Author - Austin Javellana
Austin Javellana
Mar 22, 20222 minutes

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