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How a Time Tracking Tool Can Make Your Life Easier

You might not think of a time tracking tool as a solution for your management challenges. But you may be surprised by how much a timekeeping tool can help, especially for remote and hybrid teams.

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May 09, 20224 minutes

Let's start by stating the obvious: managing a team is hard. You have personalities to manage, projects to coordinate, and goals to hit. If your team is hybrid or remote, you have even more variables to contend with! At the most basic level, you might even just need to know whether your employees are exempt or non-exempt, and when they're on the clock.

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You might not think about a time tracking tool as a solution for your management challenges. But you may be surprised by how much a time tracking tool can help, especially for remote and hybrid teams. Here are just a few reasons a time tracking tool will make your life as a manager easier.

It's adaptable

A tool that allows you to keep everything in one system is always a win. When you have both remote and in-office employees, you don't want to have different tools for different workers.

With an adaptable timekeeping solution, things go much more smoothly for you and your team. Adopting a timekeeping solution that can be accessed via computer, mobile device, or even via a collaboration app like Slack makes it easy for employees to clock in and out no matter where they are.

It breaks down barriers

Transitioning to a remote or hybrid workforce takes time and effort. For some companies, the tech is still focused on the needs of an in-office workforce, and remote employees often don’t have access to the same tools as their on-site peers. If you're using a timekeeping system that isn’t designed for a workplace without walls, remote employees may be allowed or encouraged to track their work time on paper or via a spreadsheet.

Eliminate those barriers that make it harder for remote employees to track their time.

Eliminate those barriers that make it harder for remote employees to track their time. Implement an adaptable system that’s independent of where an employee is working or what kinds of devices they may use in their jobs.

It gives you the data you need

People management is one way a good timekeeping solution can make your life easier. But of course, data is crucial as well. When managers within your organization can stay on top of time tracking metrics for their teams, everything runs more smoothly. Look for a timekeeping solution with features that can help supervisors with key metrics.

For example, the manager dashboard in Justworks Hours gives visibility into how their teams are using their paid time off (PTO), sick leave, and break time. It also provides Overtime Alerts, which gives managers notifications when team members have upcoming overtime or are currently working overtime. These features not only supply crucial data, they also help minimize problems like off-the-clock work, and allow for better communications across teams. Managers can proactively recognize and address potential concerns as they develop, rather than having to wait for monthly reports to be compiled.

It supports accountability

A time tracking system can also help boost employees' accountability for logging their time the way they should. A timekeeping solution with Geofencing allows you to set boundaries around work locations, which ensures employees are on-site when they check in or out on the time clock.

Break reminders are another way to support accountability.

Break reminders are another way to support accountability. The labor laws around meal and rest breaks vary from state to state, so having reminders right in the timekeeping app helps employees know when to take their breaks – which helps business owners keep compliant.

It increases accuracy

When employees use an app that makes it easy for them to track their time from different devices, there's much less room for human error to enter into timekeeping, payroll, or billing procedures. Employees won’t need to worry about manual entry, and supervisors won’t have to look for employees’ time records in more than one system. This benefit spreads to other teams, too — people who process payroll or calculate client billing won’t have to key in hours manually. Instead, those functions can be seamlessly integrated with time and attendance tracking.

Get support managing hourly workers

So you're ready to simplify your work life and better manage your remote and hourly workers. One tool in your toolkit is a timekeeping solution that meets the needs of your company, its employees, and the managers who are responsible for supervising hourly employees. That’s exactly what Justworks Hours is designed to do.

To learn more about how Justworks Hours can meet your team’s time tracking needs, schedule a demo or sign up for a free 30-day trial (no credit card required). If you’d like to speak with a representative, feel free to contact us via email, chat, or phone.

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