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Use Our New Hire Checklist To Create A Warm Welcome [Infographic]

A new employee’s first day can be exciting and intimidating for both parties. We’ve created a new hire checklist to help you create a warm welcome.

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Jun 14, 20212 minutes

Bringing a new employee into the office or onto a remote team can be exciting and maybe even somewhat intimidating for both parties. Knowing how to welcome a new employee is an important key to setting the stage for employee success and business results.

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With as much as 20% of employee turnover occurring within the first 45 days of employment (according to Harvard Business Review), you can’t overlook the importance of properly welcoming new hires.

Creating a warm welcome should be woven into the onboarding process. From getting-to-know-you questionnaires to assigning peer mentors from day one, there are plenty of great ways to welcome new hires.

How Justworks Onboards New Team Members

At Justworks, we strive to help make sure new hires feel welcome. We have welcome swag packages waiting for our new hires, and some teams also sign a postcard welcoming the new addition to the team. We also send out a company-wide announcement introducing the new team members that include fun facts and a photo.

Whatever your team decides to do, be sure to include a clear strategy for welcoming new hires. Doing so will not only be helpful to the newest team members, but it can also positively impact the teams they are joining.

Update Your Approach With Our New Hire Checklist

To help you get started, we've created the below infographic. We hope this new hire checklist helps you make your new hire's first day the best it can be.

New Hire Checklist To Create A Warm Welcome - Infographic

It’s important to approach onboarding with two main goals in mind:

  • To create an authentic and warm welcome

  • To provide new team members with the information and tools they need to succeed

Using a solid new hire checklist, paired with key onboarding best practices, can help you properly welcome new team members and prepare them to become productive team members. What better way to set them, and your organization, up for success.

Build a Strong Team, One Welcome at a Time

Making an effort to ensure that new employees truly feel welcome can help ease their transition to becoming part of the team. When employees feel welcome from the very beginning, they can quickly start to build a sense of connection with the company and their coworkers, which can then positively impact employee engagement, retention, productivity, and — ultimately — the bottom line.

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