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[Infographic] Use Our New Hire Checklist To Keep Compliant

A new hire’s first day can be both exciting and intimidating for everyone involved. Our new hire checklist can help you welcome new employees successfully.

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Jun 08, 20211 minutes

Looking for a way to create a warm welcome for new employees while also keeping up with the compliance components of new hire onboarding? We’ve created a checklist to help.

New Hire Checklist

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Employee onboarding is more than just a paperwork process. It is a new hire’s formal introduction to the company, so it really sets the stage for what their overall employee experience will be like.

There are all kinds of fun ideas to effectively onboard your employees, but onboarding isn’t all fun and games. It’s important to properly welcome new employees, but there are also important compliance aspects of the new hire process to keep in mind.

Keeping Compliant

Staying compliant can be complicated, especially when bringing on new hires. We've built a new hire checklist that helps you stay compliant with federal and state laws, as well as company-specific policies and procedures.

New Hire Checklist To Keep Compliant - Infographic

From keeping up with multi-state compliance related to payroll and paid leave, to maintaining a harassment-free workplace, there are plenty of important compliance considerations to address with new employees.

Using a solid checklist can help you stay on track, as can working with an HR outsourcing provider that offers technology-based onboarding solutions.

Incorporate Compliance Into Onboarding

A comprehensive hire checklist is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive approach to onboarding that meets the needs of new employees, the teams they are joining, and the organization as a whole. For more insights and support around your onboarding approach, as well as other facets of running a business, Justworks is here to help.

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