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Justworks Raises its Series B Funding

Justworks has raised a Series B from Bain Capital Ventures, Thrive Capital and Index Ventures.

Isaac Oates, CEO of Justworks
Isaac Oates
May 19, 20152 minutes
We free entrepreneurs to focus on what matters: growing their business and their team.

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve closed a $13 million Series B financing round, led by Bain Capital Ventures with participation from Thrive Capital and Index Ventures. We are also excited to welcome Matt Harris, our partner at BCV, to our board. Justworks is fortunate and grateful to have some of the most thoughtful and insightful investors around—investors that see what we see, investors that share our values.

Moving Forward

We value simplicity, openness, compassion, grit and integrity. We live these every day. I believe that our customers—entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams—share these values. We believe these are table stakes to start and build a meaningful business. If these values resonate with you, we want to work with you. (We’ll even do your paperwork for you.)

Freud said that “Love and work are the cornerstones to our humanness.” In traditional corporate life, these things overlap barely or not at all. Work is for paying the bills. Love is somewhere else. 

But more and more people are abandoning the corporate life to try something different. I don’t just mean new college grads or tech startups. Across the country, people are striking out on their own to build teams, families, tribes. They want to see what “work” and “love” look like together, in harmony instead of conflict. They want to take a shot at creating their own destiny.

We’re here to level the playing field, to give smaller companies access to the same tools, infrastructure and benefits that large corporations have. We’re here to free people to focus on the truly meaningful things in life, to pursue their own mission. 

We’ve been hard at work over the past 30 months doing just that. Just this year, we’ve launched a host of new features, incorporated new employee benefits, secured licensing nationwide, and added thousands of members to our platform. We’ve confirmed the hypothesis that we started with: That entrepreneurs and leaders need a better way to manage and take care of their teams.

The growth has been inspiring and challenging—15x in just the past year. As we expand our user base, we’ve also been evolving our product. Our members can now enroll for benefits entirely online, track and manage time off, and manage the entirety of their payroll and compliance in one place.

With this additional Justworks funding, we will continue to build a product to make our members’ lives easier. We will make Justworks the go-to platform for companies to manage their employee operations. We will continue to delight our customers with great support. As we scale, we will continue to improve the experience for all our users.

Even though we’ve been working on Justworks for 30 months, we’re still only getting started. Thank you for helping us build this.



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