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Looking Back on 2020: Product Launch Highlights From This Year

Supporting small businesses was more important than ever this year. Learn how we helped customers navigate COVID-19 and who we welcomed to the Justworks family!

Nicole de la Rosa
Dec 28, 20204 minutes

A key priority for us this year was to guide our customers through 2020 so that they could take care of their business and team. We were all-hands-on-deck helping them navigate access to COVID-19 government relief programs. We also expanded our offering by introducing Talkspace, ConnectYourCare and Boomr (our first acquisition!). Here are a few highlights from 2020:

Your Guide to Navigating COVID-19

Use our guide to to answer common questions and keep your team safe and informed about COVID-19.

COVID-19 Support

The COVID-19 Relief Center

This year, it was more important than ever that we delivered on our promise to support small businesses. To meet this promise, we swiftly launched the COVID-19 relief center, a centralized place in Justworks for information on COVID-19 government relief opportunities. From the relief center, customers could take advantage of various loan and tax relief opportunities available under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), namely, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, Employee Retention Tax credit, and the Social Security tax deferral, and keep up to date on the latest legislative changes.

PPP Reporting

To help customers take advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) under the CARES Act, we created the PPP Report to support our customers through the Small Business Association (SBA) loan application process. The PPP Report made it easier for our customers to calculate their average monthly payroll (AMP) and substantiate their PPP loan amount. We also created the PPP Forgiveness Report to help customers calculate payroll costs within their desired timeframe when they were ready to apply for their loan to be forgiven.

FFCRA Tracking

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) that went into effect in April temporarily mandates covered employers to provide eligible employees with paid sick leave and paid family and medical leave for qualifying reasons related to COVID-19. We launched a new FFCRA tool within employee profiles that lets Admins easily record when an employee went on FFCRA leave. Introducing this new tool allowed customers to authorize Justworks to claim the FFCRA tax credits on behalf of the company, alleviating our customers of the administrative burden.

We launched a new FFCRA tool within employee profiles that lets Admins easily record when an employee went on FFCRA leave.

Justworks Acquires Boomr

We were excited to welcome Boomr to the Justworks family this year. Acquiring Boomr will bring tremendous value to customers as a leading Time and Attendance solution. Offering Boomr as an extension of our services will allow us to serve more diverse types of small businesses and enhance the experience for hourly workforces.

As part of the acquisition, new and existing Justworks customers will get access to Boomr’s Time and Attendance solution for free until December 31, 2021.

For more details, check out this press release.

New Employee Workplace Benefits

Business leaders are constantly thinking of new and creative ways to keep their benefits offerings fresh and competitive for both their existing employees and potential new hires. In 2020, we know that taking care of your team has taken on a new meaning. That’s why we evaluated our benefits to deliver the highest value to our customers. Check out two benefit offerings we added this year.


We introduced ConnectYourCare as our new provider of commuter, FSA, and HSA benefits. With all three ancillary benefits now offered through a single provider, it’s even easier for employees to submit claims and track expenses all in one place.

Employees have everything at their fingertips through one card to access their commuter, FSA, and HSA funds. Justworks continues to automatically deduct these benefit contributions directly from employees’ paychecks for a seamless experience.

With ConnectYourCare’s industry-leading customer service, we’re confident that our customers will receive the high-quality support they deserve.

With Talkspace, employees can get therapy on their own time and choose from high-quality certified providers.


At Justworks, we want to support employees in living happy, healthy, and productive lives. A big part of that is making it easier for employees to manage their mental health.

That’s why we added Talkspace as a new benefit to make mental health support more affordable and accessible for our customers. Employees enrolled in a medical plan through Justworks will get three months of Talkspace for free. Companies can also choose to cover the cost of Talkspace after the three months, at a discounted rate.

With Talkspace, employees can get therapy on their own time and choose from high-quality certified providers. Enrollment information is quickly accessible within the platform and employees can begin speaking to a therapist the day they sign up.

Looking Forward to 2021

With everything that happened in 2020, we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to support our customers through such a significant chapter of their lifetimes. Justworks will continue to prioritize the needs of our customers and roll out features that will help them grow with confidence. 2021, we’re ready for you!

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