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Meet the New Justworks Logo

Learn more about how we updated the Justworks brand with a new logo, new typography, and new colors to represent the growth and evolution of our company.

The letter "J" for Justworks.
Oct 16, 20202 minutes

Today we’re updating the Justworks brand with a new logo, new typography, and new colors (affectionately referred to as “TLC”), to represent the growth and evolution of our company.

Since 2012, Justworks has stood for confidence. Through our product, service, community, and advocacy, we make it easier for people to start, run, and join a business they truly care about without sacrificing security. Our refreshed brand seeks to express just that: reliability and confidence.

TLC - before after logos v5

Before and after

To learn more about the process of refreshing the Justworks brand, we caught up with Katherine Rowe, our Brand Design Manager, and the folks at Order, the design agency who helped bring the new visual identity to life.

A Visual Identity That Stands for Confidence

“The most important part of TLC was aligning on our goal for the brand refresh,” said Katherine. Upholding the Justworks pillar of confidence underscored every step of the brand refresh, including the search for the right design partner.

Almost a year earlier, Katherine teamed up with Chris Carbo, Justworks Senior Product Designer, to bring this challenge to ten design agencies in New York City. By December of 2019, after many talks with potential collaborators, Order took the lead on the refresh. Soon after, Order conducted interviews with Justworks employees to understand what they thought of our visual brand.

“The biggest challenge any rebranding project faces is deciding on what attitude to take,” said Hamish Smyth from Order. “But thanks to the work already put in by the Justworks team in terms of company vision, we had a pretty clear idea of where to take things.”

TLC - process image

That vision, to embody the emotional state of confidence, would soon become something Justworks would have an opportunity to prove to the world.

Representing Confidence During COVID-19

With the seismic economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners’ confidence all but disappeared. Financial security, employment opportunities, operational structure, and customers vanished within weeks.

This was a call to action for Justworks. Our focus turned towards providing crucial guidance to small businesses and holding their hands through the CARES Act, PPP loans, remote work, and the eventual return to work.

TLC - bts #1

The events of 2020 only helped underscore what the brand refresh represented to begin with. “This is where we got our idea to base the brand around the support you give customers,” says Hamish, “In the new brand, everything is underlined and literally providing structure and support.”

Justworks is excited to unveil this next phase of our brand’s journey, just as other businesses enter the next phase of their respective journeys — all of us more resilient, self-assured, and confident.

TLC - bts #3

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