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Use our free week-by-week remote onboarding resources to create a virtual onboarding process that boosts employee engagement and productivity.

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Jan 13, 20212 minutes

Does your organization’s approach to remote onboarding truly meet the needs of your organization and employees? While many companies hurriedly pivoted to remote onboarding early in 2020, it’s now time to look at the process from a strategic and proactive — rather than reactive — perspective. Develop an effective virtual onboarding approach with our free guide to remote onboarding best practices, paired with free onboarding survey templates.

Virtual Onboarding Checklist

Virtual onboarding just got easier with this checklist.

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Get Your Week-by-Week Remote Onboarding Plan

Discover remote onboarding best practices and tips to develop a week-by-week plan for the first four weeks of a new employee’s time with your company. This week-by-week plan can help you create a virtual onboarding approach that not only properly prepares employees for success, but also builds strong employee connections from the very beginning.

Actionable Onboarding Guide

Download our week-by-week remote onboarding guide and discover specific strategies and steps to incorporate into your company’s virtual onboarding roadmap. Use the outlined plan for the first four weeks as-is, or adapt as needed to meet your company’s or team’s specific needs.

Onboarding Checklist

To further enhance your week-by-week onboarding plan, download and use this virtual onboarding checklist. This checklist will provide managers with a concrete tool they can use to effectively implement the updated approach to virtual onboarding. Using it can help ensure there’s consistency in the new hire experience for everyone who joins the team.

Use Our Onboarding Survey Templates

Ongoing evaluation is a key to onboarding success. Developing an effective onboarding process isn’t a ‘one-and-done’ task that can be marked off a to-do list and then forgotten. Instead, use our onboarding surveys to gather feedback from employees. Use the data to get a sense of what you’re doing right and where improvement might be needed, then adapt accordingly.

  • Download our free onboarding survey template for two questionnaires you can use to get insider feedback from employees about your organization’s approach to onboarding new hires.

  • The first survey is designed to get feedback following week one, so it’ll provide feedback on the hiring process and the earliest portion of the onboarding process.

  • The second questionnaire should be used after the first month of onboarding to identify what specific employees’ needs might be at that time, as well as to evaluate the overall onboarding process.

Building a Foundation for New Hire Success

Paired with a streamlined cloud-based approach to onboarding, these free resources can help you develop and implement an effective approach to virtual onboarding that sets the stage for individual employees to be successful. In turn, this can lead to stronger teams, greater innovation and creativity, improved productivity, and bottom-line profitability.

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