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Work Perks & Programs That Helped Justworks Be Awarded A Great Place To Work®

Justworks was voted a Great Place to Work®! We've outlined some of the employee perks that have strengthened our company culture.

Blog Author - Adrienne Smith
Adrienne Smith
Jul 25, 20162 minutes
Blog Author - Adrienne Smith
Adrienne Smith
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 Work Perks & Programs That Helped Justworks Be Awarded A Great Place To Work

Big news: Justworks has been named a Great Place to Work®!. We've built a fun, engaging, motivating place to work by focusing on our values: - Compassion - Openness - Grit - Integrity - Simplicity We created work perks, training programs, and employee incentives that promoted those values. And we're sharing some of our favorite perks and programs here:

Learning and Development Programs

Leadership Training

Our leadership training program (or LDP, as we call it) meets regularly with managers and employees with the potential to manage teams. We believe the best managers do more than just manage — they lead, coach, and empower. The leadership cohort learns how to do just that, so that the Justworks managerial team can have a maximum impact on their teams.

Interview Training

Interviewing is a developed skill that is crucial as employees grow in their own career. We work with Recruiting Toolbox to deliver an interview training tailored towards identifying candidates that reflect our values.

Team Bonding Activities

Company-Wide Awards

Two awards are granted quarterly for employees that went above and beyond their own job duties and that exemplified our values. The awards include:


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We're Hiring

Two Ducks in a Bucket: Awarded to the employee(s) that saw a problem or opportunity, exercising exceptional judgment, went out of their way to address the problem or capture the opportunity. Sans Frontières: Awarded to the employee(s) that saw the bigger picture and created value through cross-functional collaboration.

Company Retreats

The main objective for our bi-annual retreats is to foster better relationships between teams and one another. Overall, the retreats are about team building, becoming a stronger company, and having fun while doing so. We typically hold these retreats on beautiful camp grounds with plenty activities available (team kickball, anyone?).

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Regular Team Offsites

Every team at Justworks has the ability and budget to get away and regroup. Offsites go a long way towards unifying teams, allowing employees to focus on their goals — and it's fun! Sometimes, teams go on offsites to bunker down and achieve a big goal together. Other times, they go on offsites simply for some relaxation and team bonding.

Office and Commuter Perks

Dog-Friendly Environment

We value an open casual and fun office environment. Having a dog-friendly office is one way we can do that while providing flexibility.

Citi Bike Membership

Happy healthy people promote a happy, healthy workplace. Justworks covers employees' Citi Bike memberships fully.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Our goal is to mirror New York City's diversity statistics. This city is a large ethnically diverse metropolis and we want to represent our company as such.

Employee Referral Program

Here at Justworks, we prioritize hiring for values. We trust that our employees know others who can also contribute to the company's success while upholding those values. So we created an incentive program to pay our team members for each employee referral hire.

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Written By
Blog Author - Adrienne Smith
Adrienne Smith
Jul 25, 20162 minutes

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