Tap Into a World of Talent in 100+ Countries with Justworks EOR

You’ve found a brilliant developer or a hugely creative designer, but they’re not state-side. Solution: Justworks EOR for the flexibility to hire internationally with fewer obstacles or slowdowns to your business.

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Focus on Skills, Not Geography

Expand your talent pool with Justworks’ Employer of Record (EOR) services. Hire internationally more quickly and easily so you can focus on business growth. Take a look at all the countries where Justworks’ EOR services are available.

Make International Hiring a Breeze

Navigate international expansion in top talent markets confidently by drawing from our hyper-local expertise to help you each step of the way. With a robust HR infrastructure in place, small businesses like yours save time, money, and effort.

Feature Item - Open Up Your Talent Pool
Open Up Your Talent Pool

Tap into top international talent, then onboard and pay them with ease.

Feature Item - Stay Compliant
Stay Compliant

Hand off complicated HR and international compliance tasks.

Feature Item - Streamline Hiring
Streamline Hiring

Add team members across the world without costly delays.

Start Your Talent Search In 100+ Countries

Bring on the best team for the job, then pay them easily too. Get more flexibility to hire the people you need around the world with the right skill set to level up your business.

  • Hire in 100+ countries through our trusted local partners.
  • Access hyper-local expertise in top talent markets through our direct entities.

Save Time With International Compliance Support

Ensure it’s business as usual and protect your business from the various risks that come with the territory of international hiring.

  • Skip the process of setting up a local legal entity to hire abroad
  • Let our experts help you simplify handling payroll taxes
  • Hire and manage employees in compliance with local employment law
  • Lean on experts to help you stay on top of local HR regulations

Simplify International Hiring From Start To Finish

Set up the HR infrastructure to speed up the process of hiring and onboarding in new countries. Benefit from a centralized experience with simple-to-use HR tools and human support offered by a single provider.

  • Leave the employment paperwork to us, so you can rest easy
  • Effortlessly pay your team in their local currency with seamless and on-time transactions
  • Retain key hires and offer a competitive benefits package tailored to the local market
  • Handle onboarding, managing PTO, and keeping track of important employee documents
  • Get support for work visa sponsorship or immigration in select markets

Justworks EOR

Our pricing is straightforward
$599/month per employee
Key Features
    No setup fees and no minimums
    Pay employees in a few quick clicks
    Use an intuitive platform & local support
    Access localized employee benefits

What’s the Benefit of Justworks Global EOR?

Hire and pay employees across the world stress-free without needing to set up a local entity. Hand off the complexities of international hiring across HR, benefits, payroll, and compliance, so you can focus on growing your team.


Manage your team easily with small business tools and resources built to help you do more.

  • Onboard new employees 

  • Manage paid time off 

  • Store important documents

  • Reach out to a dedicated support manager for all HR-related questions or issues


Meet the diverse needs of your international team with benefits that can help you attract and retain the best talent.

  • Offer access to localized benefits that align with your international policy

  • Tap into our expertise to access a competitive benefits package tailored to the local market


Pay your distributed team with ease.

  • Pay your team in their local currency 

  • Make payments to international contractors

  • Run payroll seamlessly with reliable payments


Get support from experts who can help you stay compliant with local employment laws.

  • Receive ongoing international compliance support 

  • Benefit from on-the-ground HR assistance and a team who can connect with local vendors on your behalf

  • Get guidance on work visa sponsorship or immigration in specific markets with more coming soon

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