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Automate time tracking for your team

Pairing all the features of Justworks’ PEO with Justworks Hours, our powerful time tracking tool, means managing your team — and their time — just got easier.

The time tracking software that gives you time back

Keeping the modern, distributed workforce in sync (and staying compliant in the process) is no easy feat. With Justworks Hours, you have the tools to manage employee time more easily and save more hours.

Feature Item - Automated reminders & alerts
Automated reminders & alerts
Feature Item - Geo-fencing capabilities
Geo-fencing capabilities
Feature Item - Integrations that sync with payroll
Integrations that sync with payroll
Feature Item - Shift management
Shift management
Feature Item - Custom overtime & break rules
Custom overtime & break rules

A time tracking tool anyone can use

Whether your team travels for work, or heads to the same office every day, this easy-to-use solution empowers your employees to consistently track their time.

Onboard employees with an intuitive, mobile-first employee experience
Create a centralized punch-in clock for all your employees to use
Customize employee clock-in methods, meal and rest break reminders, and more
Track time for contractors as well as hourly employees

Limit errors and inaccuracies

Reduce time tracking discrepancies and payroll headaches with a tech-forward solution that provides the support you need to cross the t’s, dot the i’s, and stay compliant.

Configure overtime rules across work locations
Prompt employees to take meal and rest breaks with pre-set reminders
Improve operational efficiency with geo-fencing and project tracking
Manage your labor budget with overtime alerts and detailed reporting

See where time is being spent

Dive deeper into the data with powerful reporting and integration capabilities that allow you more visibility into employee activity, project hours, and expenses.

Verify employee clock-in and clock-out locations with built-in GPS tracking
Keep a close eye on your team’s hours, shifts, overtime, and time off
Access the info you need around expenses, invoices, projects, and job codes
Facilitate data sharing with integrations that sync with your existing systems
Quote - Penelope A.
“I'm so glad that I found Justworks Hours! I can easily keep track of shifts and create payroll reports. Justworks Hours just makes my life so much easier.”

Penelope A.


Justworks Hours + Justworks’ PEO

Simple plan, straightforward pricing: No set-up costs or monthly base fees when you pair Justworks Hours with our PEO offering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my company start using Justworks Hours?

Justworks Hours is an add-on product to the Justworks PEO solution. If you’re ready to use Justworks PEO plus Justworks Hours, getting started is easy! Simply fill out our form and ask about getting started with Justworks PEO and Justworks Hours.

Learn more here about Justworks PEO.

How much does Justworks Hours cost?

Justworks Hours is an add-on product to the Justworks PEO solution. Justworks Hours is $8/month per user.

Why should I use Justworks PEO and Justworks Hours?

Pairing all the features of Justworks’ PEO with Justworks Hours means managing your team — and their time — just got easier. Take the guesswork out of complicated daily tasks with a PEO that offers powerful tools and support to help you scale your business. Add the time-saving features of Justworks Hours, and you can make timekeeping effortless for you and your team through payroll integration, built-in GPS tracking and overtime watch, and 24/7 full-service support.

Have other questions about using Justworks Hours?

Learn more here about Justworks PEO.

What sets Justworks Hours apart from other time and attendance solutions?

Justworks Hours enables you and your team to track time consistently and accurately with targeted geo-fencing, seamless payroll integrations, and the data you need right at your fingertips, all within a tech-forward, user-friendly platform.

Can I use Justworks Hours if I have multiple offices or worksite locations?

Absolutely — you can add all of your offices or worksite locations into Justworks Hours, and you can even set overtime rules for each individual location. This is especially useful if your company has offices or employees in multiple states.

How long does it take to implement Justworks Hours and train my employees?

Your Justworks Hours account can be set up within minutes. When you add your employees into the system, they will each receive an invite code to join your Justworks Hours account and download the mobile app. Employees can start tracking time immediately without any training, but we’re available to support as needed.

How does Justworks Hours help reduce labor expenses?

Our automated time tracking technology helps give you more insight into your workforce in real time. By increasing visibility with features like geo-fencing, Overtime Watch, and automated reminders and alerts, you can improve operational efficiency and better manage your labor budget.

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