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With Justworks, Blue Jeans Golf saved 75% and gained access to multi-state benefits and robust time tracking.
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growing with us2022
company size30
industryReal Estate
locationDallas, TX

How It Began

Blue Jeans Golf is a company that aims to bridge the gap between entertainment golf and traditional golf for people of all skill levels offering a more casual way to play through "Golf Lite". Co-Founders Devin Charhon (CEO) and Michael Canfield (CFO) created the company with the idea of making golf more accessible and lowering the barrier to entry by creating a more welcoming, laidback environment.

As a small company with a multi-state distributed team that includes both full-time salaried and hourly employees, Blue Jeans Golf was looking for a solution that bundled access to nationwide health insurance plans and benefits with a robust time-tracking solution, all made easily accessible on an easy-to-use platform.

The cost savings from joining Justworks were a huge plus. “From a platform perspective, we’ve been able to save 75% versus with our previous provider, and that’s real money in the tens and thousands of dollars over the course of a year for us,” Michael said.

Multi-State Benefits for a Distributed Team

Justworks’ easy access to nationwide health insurance plans from top carriers helped them keep pace with company growth. With their previous provider, despite rapid company growth, they were constantly hitting speed bumps around reaching full-time headcount minimums and specific state restrictions regarding offering benefits. “It’s been a very smooth process with Justworks,” Michael said. He also added, “It’s really easy for us to go in and have a single marketplace that applies to our salaried managers across all of our Golf Lite Ranges.”

Blue Jeans Golf has found that offering a competitive benefits package has helped them grow their team. When it comes to recruiting new full-time employees, Michael shared, “The ability for employees to be a part of a growing company that also offers a strong benefits package and easy HR platform is a huge help in recruiting the best talent in a very competitive market.”

Robust Time-Tracking Solution

Most of Blue Jeans Golf’s employees are hourly, so finding a solution with an effective time-tracking system was a priority. Justworks Time Tracking offered that and more. Speaking about Time Tracking, Michael said, “The clock in, clock out feature is super intuitive, whether we are transitioning a business from a 20-year-old time tracking system or onboarding a tech-first teenager.”

Justworks Time Tracking is also able to deliver a great experience across the board, whether that’s on the employee level, manager level, or even the executive level. “It’s hit all of our expectations from a payroll perspective. It’s easy for employees to track hours, and our managers have access to the approval and edit function. Then, from the company side, we can then go back in to review and approve hours before they’re paid out,” Michael said.

Easily Onboarding New Hires

For Blue Jeans Golf, onboarding employees is heavily dependent on when they acquire new driving ranges, and the actual dates they close the deal frequently shift. They’ve found Justworks’ onboarding support to be incredibly helpful in making sure that they can have workers’ comp, payroll, and benefits access set up for employees.

“Even though the acquisition date can change, once we acquire the business we have to be operational day one with workers’ comp and payroll, and we’ve never had to reschedule a date as a result of the platform,” Michael said.

When Blue Jeans Golf acquires a new business, the employee headcount can change with some employees staying on and new employees joining. Speaking to that, Michael added, “Justworks has been super responsive as we’ve made those changes on the fly, in real-time to ensure that they follow through and everything goes to plan.”

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