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Greenhouse is the all-together hiring platform for people-first companies.Get Started

Company Description

With Greenhouse, organizations can take candidates from prospects to performers. Their industry-leading software brings a structured hiring approach with tools and data that drive operational excellence and align business strategies. Greenhouse empowers companies to continuously improve by implementing more fair and equitable hiring practices and data-driven decisions.

Product benefits

Talent sourcing: Identify and attract as many qualified candidates as possible with automation and personalization tools that keep talent engaged. 

Candidate experience: Deliver an excellent candidate experience with easy applications, engaging interviews, and a fair and transparent hiring process. 

Scalable workflows: Streamline your hiring processes and keep everyone on the same page with automated tasks, robust permissions, and best-in-class governance. 

Reporting & insights: The Greenhouse architecture and data model gives you a holistic view of your hiring efforts and what areas need improvement. 

Integrations: With 405+ pre-built integrations, you can easily connect Greenhouse with the industry’s best tools.

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