How It Began

For 14 years, CASE has been solving marketing challenges through great design. From branding to e-commerce, the company has worked with powerhouses like Estee Lauder Companies, Pepsi, Herman Miller, and Johnson & Johnson.

But as the company thrived, there became a clear need for more HR support.

Why Case Agency Chooses Justworks

Competitive benefits

Get access to corporate-level benefits, without going corporate.

Expert customer service

We're here for you and your team 24/7, with expert support from real people.

Streamlined payroll

We offer a simplified payroll process and effortless integrations, so you can make any payments you need to - at no extra cost.

Looking for HR Solutions

Before joining Justworks, “We were using a payroll service, but we did everything by hand,” said Robin Marshall, Brand Strategist at CASE. That included insurance and onboarding — all without a full-time HR employee.

“We felt like we needed something a little more buttoned up to make sure we were in compliance. We also wanted to manage our HR-related process more efficiently,” said Robin.

The team started researching their options, and found Justworks. The biggest Justworks selling point? The savings CASE got on employee access to health insurance.

“We were on Aetna through a private broker, but we were only able to offer one plan, and knew that plan didn’t meet everyone’s needs,” said Robin.

"We saved almost 30% — all while maintaining equal or better coverage."

Robin Marshall

A Huge Amount of Savings

By joining Justworks, CASE was able to offer four Aetna plans that gave their employees options. “We saved almost 30% — all while maintaining equal or better coverage,” said Robin.

Best of all, those savings gave CASE the power to invest even more in their team.

“With that savings, we’ve been able to take that money and invest in a smarter way to help retain employees,” said Robin. After signing up with Justworks, CASE started offering tuition assistance, Citi Bike memberships, a four week sabbatical after seven years, and increased paid time off.

A Seamless Experience

“Justworks is seamless and easy from an administrative perspective, and we like that it’s cost effective. But the side of Justworks that we didn’t expect was the incredible service. Any question we have, we get answers right away,” said Robin.

Now, payroll and health insurance aren’t a big headache. And CASE can focus on what matters — their team members and their clients.

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