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Streamlined onboarding and benefits admin for their remote U.S. employees helped Kinsta focus on growth on a global scale.
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How It Began

Kinsta was founded in Hungary in 2013 by four friends — Anita, Mark, Peter, and Tom — to change the status quo within the WordPress hosting space. This fully distributed global company has since grown to provide world-class hosting services to over 22,000 companies around the world.

With employees located on every continent except Antarctica, it’s important for Kinsta to have a reliable partner that supports their expanding team in the United States. And they found that partner in Justworks.

Why KINSTA Chooses Justworks

Compliance support

Get support for federal, state, and local employment-related compliance needs, including payroll tax filings.

Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

Support for remote employees

Justworks helps businesses hire and manage remote employees across the country more effectively.

Expert customer service

We're here for you and your team 24/7, with expert support from real people.

One Accessible, Easy-to-use Platform

Kinsta had already joined Justworks when Roula Vastis came on board as Kinsta’s HR Generalist, but it wasn’t the first time Roula had used the platform. Her previous company had also used Justworks, and it was exciting for Roula to see the same system at her new company. “It was like the cherry on top when I started training and learning what platforms Kinsta was using,” she said. Coming in with prior knowledge of Justworks helped Roula navigate onboarding remote new hires at Kinsta more easily, but she said new employees have great feedback about how easy it is to use as well.

While auditing their systems to make sure they were accessible to all employees, Kinsta found that Justworks was fully compatible with screen readers, allowing employees who use them to have a more seamless work experience. “That was like a hallelujah moment! The angels came out, the clouds parted…” Roula said. “That opens us up to broader hiring practices, and it makes us really proud that we have Justworks as a system because we know we’re limitless when it comes to our hiring. It was a nice boost of confidence.”

Discovering the accessibility of Justworks led Kinsta to pivot and handle even more internal processes through the platform, including tracking PTO, reporting, and administering certain benefits. “Everything is just a click of a button with Justworks, and it’s been great to have everything at our fingertips.” Streamlining more internal processes with Justworks made a big difference for Kinsta, taking huge amounts of pressure and burden off their modest team of HR professionals. “It’s the biggest time-saver, which, when dealing with a lot of employees when you’re such a small HR team, is really important.”

Invaluable Resources & Research

With almost a quarter of their workforce located in the U.S., using Justworks to manage onboarding, benefits, and payroll for those employees is really helpful for Kinsta. Having Justworks handle these tasks gives Kinsta the bandwidth to work more closely with their vast number of global consultants, and focus more energy on business growth. But it’s not just the platform itself that gives Roula and her team time back.

The Help Center, one of the online resources that Justworks makes available to its customers, provides info around key employment considerations, along with guidance about how to use the Justworks platform. “That knowledge base, for me, is invaluable,” Roula said. “Working with a totally dispersed company and having U.S. employees in almost all 50 states makes it hard to keep up with all the changes, especially when it comes to onboarding and offboarding.” Finding and confirming employment law changes takes hours that Roula just doesn’t have, so having access to the Help Center was a game-changer. “I would have been lost without it,” she said.

Kinsta also saved a ton of hours when it came to benefits administration. Having to research all of the providers, the plans, and the employer contributions were something Roula and her team didn’t have time to do, but Justworks handled it. “Justworks takes the manual research of so many things away from us, and still allows us to offer a vast portfolio of benefits,” Roula said. “They cut out what we don’t need to know, and what might confuse us if we had to do the research on our own. Justworks took the guesswork out of it for us.”

The regular reminders about benefits and other important deadlines are also really helpful for Kinsta. “I keep a task list, but I can always rely on an email notification saying we have something due next week,” Roula said. “That’s another great feature we love about Justworks — just how on top of us they are. It really helps to get that extra reassurance that we’re not going to miss something.”

Reliable Support When It’s Needed

In addition to the accessible platform and helpful resources, Kinsta has had a great experience with Justworks support. Roula said that Kinsta feels really supported, which is particularly important for them — being a completely distributed global company with employees that work asynchronously, there are times when a colleague isn’t available for questions or feedback. “We’ve just never felt that with Justworks. We’ve always had everything answered super quickly, efficiently, and articulately, and we’ve never had an issue.”

That feeling of being supported carries back to the platform as well. “It just goes back to the ease of use,” Roula said. Having a system she can navigate so easily gives her a sense of calm that doesn't come with using all tech solutions. “When I come across a platform, and my head starts to hurt when I’m trying to figure out how to do something, I get it. You want to be super tech, and that’s great. But I’m not tech, I’m HR. I’m a people person, I need ease. And Justworks is ease.”

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