Hiring across states with intuitive tech & top-tier support

Intuitive technology and reliable, top-tier support gave Restech more confidence in navigating multi-state hiring and compliance.
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industryMed Tech
locationHouston, TX

How It Began

Founded in San Diego, California in 2003, Restech provides medical solutions used to diagnose, treat, and manage reflux disorders. Based in Houston, Texas, Restech has production operations in San Diego, California and remote employees working across multiple states. Being a small business, Restech needed a partner that could help support their multi-state hiring, onboarding, and compliance needs while offering an easy-to-use platform. That’s where Justworks came in.

Why Restech Chooses Justworks

Support for remote employees

Justworks helps businesses hire and manage remote employees across the country more effectively.

Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

Expert customer service

We're here for you and your team 24/7, with expert support from real people.

Intuitive Technology

From the moment he was first introduced to Justworks, Brad Krahel, Restech’s Operations Manager, was impressed by the platform’s quality and ease of use. “When I saw the demo, I was flabbergasted by how easy it is to set everything up,” he said. “I remember feeling blown away at the end, and thinking that I really, really like Justworks.”

Now a user of Justworks, Brad really values Justworks’ overall usability. “In Justworks, everything flows really, really easily,” he said. “The process flows, and interactions make sense, with one thing flowing naturally into another.“ As someone who doesn’t have an HR background, Brad appreciates being given options, providing input, and then getting what he needs to complete tasks. “That’s how Justworks works. It’s easy to use.”

The intuitiveness of Justworks allows Brad to save a lot of time. Being able to quickly download and generate reports and invoices means less time organizing data and more time spent on making decisions for the business.

Fast, Easy Remote Onboarding

Justworks’ onboarding support is another feature that helps Brad save time. "With onboarding, the whole process takes just about 15 minutes,” he said. “It’s very quick and easy, even when onboarding remote employees.” The speed and convenience of what can be a long and complicated process means more time for Brad to spend on making sure operations run smoothly.

Remote onboarding still does pose some unique challenges, but the Justworks platform is uniquely designed to handle them. “When onboarding remote employees, it’s great to be able to send offers electronically, as well as to digitally sign and approve documents,” Brad said.And it’s not just onboarding that Restech saves time with. “Justworks also made open enrollment quicker, faster, and easier,” he said. “Working with time cards and making payments are also easy and intuitive in Justworks.” And who wouldn’t want that?

Top-tier Support

From the initial process of transitioning to Justworks, to the present day, Brad has high praise for what he refers to as Justworks’ top tier support.“

From the very beginning, Justworks was very transparent,” he said. “From the quoting process, to getting up and running in Justworks, everything went well. All of the information we were asked to provide up front was managed and brought through, so the transition went very smoothly. I didn’t feel like I was duplicating a lot of my efforts, which often happens with this type of transition.” Justworks’ reliable support through Restech’s onboarding gave Brad confidence that they’d found a great partner.

Luckily for Restech, Brad’s confidence was founded. Justworks’ quality support extended beyond the initial transition and continues to this day. “When reaching out for support, Justworks is very responsive and clear,” Brad said. "They’ll either tell you exactly what to do, or — if it’s something you need to manage yourself — will share general standards and best practices and help you understand your liability.”

Because of the level of support Justworks offers, Brad often reaches out to his dedicated point of contact with questions. Whether it’s through Justworks’ chat or the call-in customer support options, Brad gets his questions answered, and all with a very positive experience. With support like this, Restech has what they need to continue focusing on their business and serving their customers.

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