How It Began

Founded with a mission to produce events with purpose, STAMP Event Co. is an LGBTQ-led, certified minority and women-owned business (MWBE) based in New York and LA. 

STAMP joined Justworks PEO in 2019, after finding the process of working with ADP too difficult to manage for their small team. They compared PEOs and found the easy-to-use interface of Justworks to be a great fit. A couple months later, Fredo Alban, Senior Operations & HR Manager, joined the STAMP team and began to take over managing Justworks for the business.

During the pandemic, Fredo used Justworks as he helped his team shift from an in-person to a remote-first organization, which they remain today. Now, he uses Justworks to manage administrative tasks for the core team of full-time employees, plus the part-time folks they bring on to run events during busy seasons. He also uses Justworks to access benefits for the team, and get support with issues and questions. 

"The team will come to me with any of their questions, and then I reach out to Justworks. So I feel like [Justworks] support has become an extension of me in some ways," Fredo said. "That's actually one of the reasons we joined Justworks, because of that support that we didn't feel with ADP."

As Fredo grew in his HR role over the past few years, he also uncovered more ways to gain value from the partnership with Justworks.

Becoming a Beta User

One of the opportunities that provided that value for Fredo and for STAMP was participating in beta testing for the People Analytics feature in Justworks PEO. It just so happened that Fredo had been trying to figure out how to create a DIY data solution for STAMP and didn't really know where to begin. When he was invited to join the beta group, Fredo was excited to see what information he could extract from Justworks to help his company's decision-making.

Not only did Fredo want and need a data tool, he was also interested in being able to give direct feedback about the product as it was being built.

"I will say, it was cool to be part of the beta and see the feedback I would give get implemented so quickly," Fredo said. "It's been really fun to just see how it evolved from the first time I touched it. And now, it's no longer in beta, it's happening!"

Getting the Most from People Analytics

Now, along with other Justworks PEO customers, Fredo gets to use the feature he helped to shape. People Analytics enables him to answer important questions with data that help his team make key decisions. For STAMP, one of those questions was around how much PTO to offer. Fredo used People Analytics to understand how much time off employees were already taking to help leadership decide whether to update the PTO policy. 

"Our founders are very visual people, so now that we have this tool where I can pull the data into a graph and put it in a deck and I don't have to create the graph myself, that has been super useful for us," Fredo said. 

People Analytics also gives him access to helpful information about his team's usage of health insurance benefits. With the ability to see data like which plans people are enrolled in and how much the company is contributing to each plan, it helps Fredo when it comes time for renewals. Utilizing this data can help STAMP understand which plans are most popular and most utilized among their employees, and which ones they could drop to simplify operations.

Another valuable aspect of People Analytics is the ability to see crucial compensation data, which empowers STAMP's CFO team and their financial conversations. This gives the organization a more complete picture of how much they're investing in their people, and helps them know when to add new hires.

Tapping into the Justworks Community

For Fredo, there has been even more to the Justworks partnership than the value he gets from the product. When he was invited to join the Justworks Customer Advisory Board in 2020, he also gained a community of other leaders and peers in the small business space. The Justworks Customer Advisory Board is made up of a select group of Justworks users who provide valuable input on the product and business, and have access to exclusive events and a dedicated Slack channel to network and learn from each other. 

The first Customer Board event Fredo participated in was a virtual round table, where he discussed topics around employee benefits with fellow Justworks admins.

The Justworks team asks board members a “Question of the Week” in the Slack channel every Friday, and board members ask each other questions, too. Even when he isn't an active participant, Fredo gets a lot of value from watching the conversations unfold.

"Just seeing the questions that [other] customers ask and the things that they're flagging, it's very interesting to have that type of insight," Fredo said. "It's such a unique experience to be involved with a company that has a community like that." 

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