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Isaac Oates: Announcing Our Partnership With Aetna

Justworks is thrilled about its partnership with Aetna, one of the largest health insurance carriers in the US with a massive national network.

Isaac Oates, CEO of Justworks
Isaac Oates
Sep 30, 20152 minutes
Justworks team at the office

Isaac Oates, CEO and founder of Justworks

At Justworks, we consistently hear from our customers that they want to provide their teams with great healthcare.

Announcing Our Partnership with Aetna

We listened. So we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Aetna, one of the largest health insurance carriers in the US with a massive national network.

Aetna shares our vision for providing a next-generation HR platform to the next generation of companies and their teams. [Click to Tweet]

This is an important milestone for Justworks; we’re now able to provide great healthcare to customers nationwide. Providing healthcare nationwide is a big step forward in making our service even more valuable in the market. And we seek to deliver the maximum possible value to our customers in everything we do, so this makes us happy.

But the real win is for our customers. No matter where your company or your employees are based, you can enjoy all that Justworks has to offer: effortless payroll and compliance, access to big-company benefits, and the world-class support that our customers expect and deserve.

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Leveling the Playing Field

We often talk about leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs' by doing what we do. Our partnership with Aetna is a long-term investment in doing just that for our customers' future and for ours. By providing you and your employees with the best possible healthcare - healthcare that a small company probably couldn't otherwise access - we're one step further towards leveling the playing field.

If you're excited to get started with Justworks or have questions about the partnership, our team would love to talk. Just e-mail [email protected].

Please join me in welcoming @Aetna to the @Justworks family. We’re glad you’re here!


Isaac Oates

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