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Virtually onboarding and integrating employees

Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021  |  2:00pm EST  |  online
Ask an Expert:  Virtually onboarding and integrating employees

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About the Event

You’re primed and ready to hire more team members in 2021 but you’re now left with the hurdle of doing it 100% virtually. Join Casey Clark, CEO of Cultivate Advisors, to unpack how to effectively bring new employees onto your team in a virtual setting and seamlessly integrate them into your culture.

What Will Be Covered:

  • Effectively onboarding new employees in a remote setting
  • Casting a vision for that team member’s growth within your organization
  • How to train taking into account different learning styles


Moses Balian photo
Moses Balian
Human Resources Consulting Manager at Justworks

Moses provides HR guidance and solutions that are tailored to the needs of Justworks' customers -- many of whom experience rapid growth and encounter the numerous challenges associated with starting a business.

Casey Clark photo
Casey Clark
CEO, Cultivate Advisors

As the CEO and Co-Founder of Cultivate, Casey and his team have helped thousands of owners reach their growth objectives through core business skill development and scaleable systemization.