All About Terminating Employees in Mexico

Understand how to terminate employees in Mexico when they’ve reached the end of their employment, and how Justworks EOR can help simplify the process.

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How an EOR Can Help with Employee Termination

You’ve gone through the effort of hiring an employee in Mexico, but circumstances and business needs change. What happens when you need to terminate an employee? 

That’s where a global EOR provider like Justworks EOR can offer the guidance you need. In Mexico, employment isn’t at-will meaning that employees are well protected from wrongful termination. Our support team has deep knowledge of the Mexican labor market and can help you end things on good terms. Additionally, Justworks EOR helps you build the HR infrastructure in Mexico to hire quickly and manage your team easily. Save yourself the time, money, and hassle of setting up a local entity and figuring out international hiring with Justworks by your side.

Terminating an Employee in Mexico

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Here are things to be mindful of as you consider letting go of an employee based in Mexico. For an even smoother termination process, Justworks EOR can offer the local guidance you need to make a difficult process easier for you and your employees.

Ready for Easier Team Management in Mexico?

Justworks EOR makes building your global team seamless by offering local expertise to help you understand the nuances of hiring and firing in Mexico. Save yourself the time and hassle of international hiring today.

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