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Introducing International Contractor Payments

A payment solution for global teams in 30+ countries, including India, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Croatia. Onboard great talent quickly and pay them easily.

ICP Globe

One Payment Tool for the Whole Team

Save time and money by consolidating payment tools. International Contractor Payments is integrated within the Justworks PEO platform with no upfront or monthly fee.

Feature Item - An integrated solution
An integrated solution

Domestic or international contractors, full-time, or part-time, onboard and pay everyone from one place with ease. 

Feature Item - Reduced risk of errors
Reduced risk of errors

With payments in one place that’s one less tool to worry about, more time saved, and less chance of costly mistakes.

Get the Best Talent for the Job

Finding talent is the hard part. We make it easier from there with easy global payments and onboarding.

Pay international contractors in 30+ countries
Make contractor payments in local currencies
View the exchange rate on each payment
Pull payment reports using preset or custom date ranges

Coming Soon: Employer of Record

Expand abroad and add top talent to your team full-time with Employer of Record (EOR) launching in Canada.

Run payroll in the local currency (CAD)
Track and view processed payments
View and manage your global team from one place

We're Just Getting Started

International Contractor Payments is available in 30+ countries with more countries on the way. Sign up for updates on when we add new countries and more.

Going Global?

Streamline onboarding and payroll for your global workforce with International Contractor Payments


How do I pay international contractors with Justworks?

The International Contractor Payments feature is available to all Justworks PEO customers and is integrated into the Justworks PEO platform. PEO customers can onboard, add, and pay international contractors from the same place they pay and manage domestic contractors and full-time and part-time employees. 

Is International Contractor Payments available for Justworks Payroll customers?

Currently, International Contractor Payments is not available to Justworks Payroll customers. 

How many countries is Justworks’ International Contractors Payments supported in?

International Contractor Payments is currently supported in 30+ countries, but we have plans to expand to more soon. Head over to the Help Center for a full updated list of what countries International Contractor Payments is available in.

What is the cost of paying international contractors through Justworks?

All Justworks PEO customers have access to international contractor payments in supported countries, with no upfront or monthly fee. We believe in transparency, so you'll be able to view the exchange rates on every transaction.

What is the difference between International Contractor Payments and Employer of Record?

International Contractor Payments is a feature integrated into our Justworks PEO platform that makes it easier for companies to onboard and pay international contractors within the same payroll solution as the rest of their domestic team. For more information head over to the Help Center.

Employer of Record will allow you to hire full-time employees in other countries while complying with local tax and employment laws without the need to set up a legal presence in that country. Justworks will handle payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance responsibilities locally for employees hired under the EOR.

What is the difference between Employer of Record and PEO?

The biggest difference between the PEO and Employer of Record (EOR) is that Justworks will be the legal employer and in an EOR relationship, there is essentially no co-employment. As a result, Justworks will act as the HR department for your employees abroad. Similarly with PEO, EOR customers will still  determine job titles and responsibilities, salary, bonuses or commissions, and generally manage the day-to-day working relationship with the employee.